Translation of aerial in Spanish:


aéreo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɛːrɪəl//ˈɛriəl/


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    aerial photograph aerofoto feminine
    • aerial tramway / (British) railway teleférico
    • It's been 10 days since that massive aerial bombardment.
    • He was at the scene yesterday and was one of the team which carried out an aerial assessment.
    • The aircraft is also capable of carrying a range of aerial bombs with a total weight up to 40 tons.
    • But instead of calling up a drawn map, the site uses pictures taken from satellites and aircraft to give an aerial view of a territory.
    • Both aircraft were utilised for aerial reconnaissance, and flew more than 100 hours.
    • Some people specialize in aerial photography.
    • The research could also be used in traffic monitoring, aerial photography and detecting hazardous substances.
    • The aerial photography specialist took the picture using a top-of-the-range camera.
    • It also explains the reliance on aerial bombardment of civilians.
    • Italy was at war with Libya, and began using aircraft and airships for aerial reconnaissance.
    • There's satellite inventory; there's aerial photography; there's video links; there's a whole raft of things we can tap into now.
    • I do not find the absence of aircraft from the 1986 aerial photograph to be evidence of abandonment.
    • A helicopter was dispatched to carry out an aerial assessment of the rural situation.
    • Instead, its primary mission was to protect Red Army operations from aerial attacks by the enemy.
    • They are also used in GIS offices to scan in existing maps and aerial photographs.
    • Prominent among these were U - 2 reconnaissance aircraft, which began taking aerial photography of Cuban territory.
    • Some European countries still do not allow aerial photography by civilians.
    • He evolved into a remarkably well-rounded explorer - a pioneer of geography and aerial photography.
    • The aircraft was used for aerial mapping.
    • Then, we have much more public things that happen, like the aerial shooting of wolves in Alaska.


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    antena feminine