Translation of aforementioned in Spanish:


anteriormente mencionado, adj.


Pronunciation /əˈfɔrˌmɛn(t)ʃənd//əfɔːˈmɛnʃənd/



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    (clause/statement) anteriormente mencionado
    (statement/clause) antedicho formal
    the aforementioned person el susodicho formal humorous
    • Apart from the aforementioned health benefits, it has given his work an integrity that it did not need previously.
    • The aforementioned side enjoyed a good spell as the game moved into the last ten minutes of the first half.
    • Of the aforementioned flaws, the one to effect the film most was the pace, which at times was a tad slow.
    • The water in the pond was crystal clear with only the aforementioned tadpoles swimming in the water.
    • On the aforementioned website, she has had lots of fun juxtaposing quotes from various features about her.
    • Those wishing to be associated with this venture can contact either of the aforementioned.
    • These are bolted to the engine block and sealed with the aforementioned head gasket.
    • I would have expected a better showing from the two aforementioned players.
    • Two possible options for the aforementioned solution spring to mind immediately.
    • All of the aforementioned public representatives present addressed the meeting.
    • The aforementioned outdoor swimming pool and tennis courts are also available for the warmer months.
    • He started talking about it and within five seconds had given away the aforementioned spoiler.
    • But as well as all the aforementioned loveliness, there is a tinge of sadness.
    • As a result, the website of the aforementioned editor allows writers to vet the comments added to their blogs.
    • Smoking is already banned in most of the places that people have to use, such as the aforementioned public transport.
    • The aforementioned speech to the Falkland Islanders was delivered in January 1983.
    • The aforementioned authors have all created a new language, so to speak.
    • The similarity between the aforementioned lot is that we were all born on the same day!
    • The aforementioned rules may only be altered by the holder of the agreement.
    • Quite apart from the aforementioned lovely inhabitants, the city itself is great.