Translation of afternoon in Spanish:


tarde, n.

Pronunciation /ˌæftərˈnun//ɑːftəˈnuːn/


  • 1

    (time of day)
    tarde feminine
    I haven't seen him all afternoon no lo he visto en toda la tarde
    • he's taken the afternoon off se ha tomado la tarde libre
    • he came in the afternoon vino de tarde
    • every Saturday afternoon todos los sábados por la tarde (or en la tarde etc.)
    • at four o'clock in the afternoon a las cuatro de la tarde
    • (as greeting) good afternoon! ¡buenas tardes!
    • (as greeting) afternoon! ¡buenas!
    • We have a group of nurses who take it in turn weekday mornings and afternoons, also one evening a week so I can go out.
    • This afternoon, I spent about an hour gently massaging my throbbing temples.
    • We're off to spend the afternoon and evening with a couple of friends shortly.
    • Throughout the afternoon and evening local bands played live and there was a barbecue for visitors to enjoy.
    • Training sessions are held at the hall on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Friday afternoons.
    • The finding has led to renewed calls for British Summer Time to be used year-round to give lighter afternoons and evenings.
    • This afternoon, the team plays for the first time since sharing six goals with Rangers a fortnight ago.
    • Most volunteers normally spend a couple of mornings, afternoons or evenings on duty each week.
    • There is no shame in returning at lunchtime to spend the afternoon with a book, or relaxing in the rooftop hot tub.
    • Trains running along the busy railway line were halted during the afternoon and evening.
    • Rain came on in the afternoon and in the evening the downpour increased.
    • This afternoon, I have been sitting down for a fair bit, and now my back is really sore again.
    • The problems happened during late afternoons, evenings and on Saturdays.
    • This afternoon's events unfolded so quickly that it was difficult to fully comprehend.
    • He loved to spend an afternoon or evening exchanging jokes and stories over a long game of cards.
    • This afternoon, at the stadium, the pair come face to face for the first time this season.
    • It was nice to see them and we had a pleasant afternoon and evening.
    • Scores of people visited the event, which ran through the afternoon and into the evening.
    • This afternoon we have bought a new sofa, a dining table and six chairs and a sideboard!
    • This afternoon, for instance, mum cried because the house was such a mess.
  • 2afternoons

    (as adverb) por las tardes
    (as adverb) en las tardes Latin America
    (as adverb) a la tarde River Plate
    (as adverb) de tarde River Plate