Translation of afterthought in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɑːftəθɔːt//ˈæftərˌθɔt/


  • 1

    it occurred to me as an afterthought that … después se me ocurrió que …
    • the last song was added on as an afterthought la última canción fue una idea de último momento
    • Amy was a bit of an afterthought Amy nació cuando ya no pensaban tener más niños
    • they invited me as an afterthought no habían pensado invitarme
    • The first-aid kit in the picture does not feature in the play but was thrown in as an additional prize as a humorous afterthought.
    • The impression is, though, that the content of this museum was an afterthought.
    • Although they often deal with the same subject, the clearest message here is that the prints are neither preliminary workings for his paintings nor mere afterthoughts.
    • It seemed to have been shoehorned into the schedules as an afterthought.
    • Team specific marketing was an afterthought at best and almost non-existent.
    • Even the corridors, so often the mean afterthought in offices, are generously spaced.
    • Facilities such as ramps and wheelchair lifts are often added as an afterthought and seats fixed to floors in cafes are often the norm.
    • Unfortunately, the story and the performances seem like an afterthought to this stunt.
    • Yet the design, the nature and the location of the centre has been an afterthought.
    • What makes these awards special is the focus they put on design in an industry that often treats design as a superficial afterthought.
    • When he speaks about the prejudices he has faced, the added issue of his sexuality is almost an afterthought.
    • In Britain, where polls are issued by the major papers every day the bookies are something of an afterthought.
    • Each dumpling melted in my mouth, the creamy tomato hitting my taste buds almost as an afterthought.
    • The play has no forward momentum, and plot arrives in Act 2 seemingly as an afterthought.
    • The characters were an afterthought and as a result, always came across as wooden and boring.
    • The story was irrelevant really, and seemed to be a mere afterthought to all the effects and computer-animation.
    • Principles are not an afterthought to be considered only so long as they do not affect profits.
    • Roads should be improved and vacant spaces deweeded, he adds as an afterthought.
    • Sustainability, protection of wildlife, controlling agribusiness and pollution are first principles, not afterthoughts.
    • Instead I often see facilities and traffic controls that treat pedestrians as little more than annoying afterthoughts.