Translation of agape in Spanish:


boquiabierto, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈɡeɪp//əˈɡeɪp/


  • 1

    • Nero's mouth is slightly agape and odd, gurgling noises come from within.
    • Some just stood there, their mouths agape, stunned by what the old woman had just said.
    • Three years ago when this Japanese company made its first Montreal appearance, they bowled everyone over and left them with mouths agape, wanting more.
    • So you've got to get an enormous charge out of watching the audience with their mouths agape.
    • Even old Washington hands sometimes find themselves with their mouths agape at the brazenness of the latest corporate innovation in ripping off the public.
    • Then the herd picked up and moved on, leaving us bundled up against the cold, our mouths agape, wondering if what we witnessed was real or some sort of illusion in the arctic fog.
    • The audience sat in a stunned silence, their mouths agape at Cohen's audacity.
    • The onlookers are painted in muddy greens and browns, facial features exaggerated into primitive masks, mouths agape or obliterated altogether.
    • At his slightly overwhelmed expression and agape jaw, she snorted bitterly.
    • Her older sisters stand with their mouths agape.
    • And they both just stood here with their mouths agape and wondering what had made the bucket spin like that.
    • With my mouth agape I shook her hand, dumbfounded.
    • The cast members in the wings looked on with mouths agape, but the two on the stage didn't notice, caught up in the sadness and regret an impossible love could provoke.
    • They stared at each other, mouths agape and speechless.
    • Relena and Tamika stared at Lynn, mouths agape.
    • It may be brilliant political jujitsu - conceding the opposition's most damning point leaves them with mouths agape and little to say - or it may be nuts.
    • We followed him into the house, trying not to look too much like tourists with our mouths agape.
    • The startled crew around us, unaccustomed to hearing a sociopolitical argument in the disco at 1 A.M., looked on with mouths agape.
    • In a sudden burst she sat down and gazed at the teacher whose mouth was now agape with shock.
    • When fishermen are throwing away unused bait, the pelicans will descend in noisy throngs and are very adept at catching fish morsels in mid air, mouths agape as they squawk for more!