Translation of age in Spanish:


edad, n.

Pronunciation: /eɪdʒ//eɪdʒ/


  • 1

    (of person, animal, thing)
    edad feminine
    what age was she when she died? ¿qué edad / cuántos años tenía cuando murió?
    • what is the age of this house? ¿de cuándo / de qué época es esta casa?
    • the children's ages are three, four and six, respectively los niños tienen, respectivamente, tres, cuatro y seis años
    • at the age of 17 a la edad de / a los 17 años
    • from an early age desde temprana edad
    • at my age con mis años
    • at your/that age a tu/esa edad
    • when you're my age cuando tengas mi edad / mis años
    • I have a son your age tengo un hijo de tu edad
    • she's going out with a man twice/half her age sale con un hombre que la dobla en edad / que le dobla la edad/que tiene la mitad de su edad
    • he is six years of age tiene seis años de edad
    • for children of all ages para niños de todas las edades
    • she's not of an age to remember the war no tiene edad como para acordarse de la guerra
    • they're of an age son de / tienen la misma edad
    • to live to a ripe old age vivir muchos años
    • he's starting to look his age se le están empezando a notar los años
    • to act / be one's age
    • it's time he acted his age ya es hora de que siente cabeza / de que empiece a actuar con madurez
    • come on, be your age ¡vamos, no seas infantil!
    • age limit límite de edad
    • On Tuesday next all children between the ages of 6 and 9 are invited to come along and take part.
    • The club aims to provide entertainment for teenagers between the ages of 15 to 18 years in a fun and supervised environment.
    • None of us of this generation, I know, will be able to live up to the age of 126.
    • Workers under 50 years of age can expect to live well into their eighties.
    • The servicemen recorded their age, rank, length of service, and marital status.
    • Only McKinlay survived, living to the age of 95 when he died in Glasgow in 1983.
    • There were 30 female students and 20 male students whose ages ranged from 9-10 years of age.
    • Membership is open to girls between the ages of seven and ten.
    • Enthusiastic young people between the ages of 12 and 18 are invited to apply for the classes which take place on a two hour basis on Saturdays.
    • Three hundred people of all ages attended a birthday service in York Minster.
    • Imagine you're over 60 years of age and a squatter living in the largest slum in Kenya.
    • In all honesty, I don't have many relatives that have lived to ripe old ages apart from my maternal Grandfather.
    • The girl was about fourteen years of age, shoulder length blonde hair and deep green eyes.
    • Till the age of five she lived in Kollam, then Quilon, and left for New York with her parents in 1941.
    • Dr Baig had many patients of varying ages who lived on their own and were suffering some form of depression, mainly from the lack of human interaction.
    • She moved to 88 Park Row when she was one year of age, and lived there until she was married in 1984.
    • The supervisors were from 33 to 47 years of age.
    • At seventeen years of age and a senior at High School in Boston he was outstanding.
    • For children, symptoms may be present between the ages of 2 to 4 years of age while presentation of symptoms occurs at start of school.
    • The children are of varying ages and live as any other family anywhere in the world does.
  • 2

    • 2.1(maturity)

      to be of age ser mayor de edad
      • to come of age llegar a la mayoría de edad
      • to be under age ser menor de edad

    • 2.2(old age)

      the wisdom of age la sabiduría que dan los años

  • 3

    • 3.1(epoch, period)

      era feminine
      the Elizabethan/atomic age la era isabelina/atómica
      • down / through the ages a través de los tiempos
      • Historical novels can introduce children to how people lived in other ages, even if told with contemporary sensibilities in mind.
      • It happened 252 million years ago, at the boundary of the Permian and Triassic geological ages.
      • However, there seems to be a marked age gap between the Cretaceous ages and onset of rifting in the Eocene.
      • We face the Brown era in fiction and a dark age for popular history.
      • This is the age where the television performs the role of a baby-sitter, than a means of entertainment.
      • In the age of reality, television is increasingly the realm of the amateur.
      • The relationship between Aubrey and Maturin doesn't need to be explained by reference to any of the various ages of history.
      • In the age of television and the Internet, we are not returning to the preliterate, but descending into the postliterate.
      • He would have been remarkable in any age, in the age in which he lived, he is utterly amazing.
      • However, a range of volcanic ages from Lower Cambrian to Early Devonian is suggested on biostratrigraphic grounds.
      • Indeed, I believe its popularity is an important feature of the intellectual history of the present age.
      • Raising the club's profile in this media-dominated age is of vital importance to club's like York City.
      • We live in an age when attention deficit disorder is rife amongst adults and children alike and brevity is a prized quality.
      • Human history can be divided into two distinct ages - the geocentric and the heliocentric.
      • His writings are also a major source for the social history of his age.
      • As any school text will tell you, this was primarily an age of invention and rapid material progress.
      • So what we see is not a story of the past, but today's stories set against the previous age or period.
      • Fraser claims to hate ‘the modern world’ and would doubtless prefer to have lived in the Victorian age.
      • The bulk of the sediments on the outer margin are of Eocene to Oligocene age with thin units of younger sediments on top.
      • All other ages, epochs, and eras are represented by natural evolutionary and geological phenomena.
      • We live, after all, in one of the most conformist ages in history - the age of reason as we like to call it.
      • The civil liberties case against ID cards is a feeble one that belongs to a more innocent age.
      • Thus perished one of the greatest statesmen of his age and of Dutch history.
      • We live in an age in which laws, rules, regulations, charters, policies and practices intrude on every aspect of our lives.
      • During the ages of history human nature has undergone no essential change.

    • 3.2(long time)

      I've been waiting ages / an age llevo siglos / un siglo esperando informal
      • I haven't seen her for ages hace siglos que no la veo
      • The French Connection hasn't been on television for ages.
      • I promise I won't write about television for ages.
      • The infirm and ill were beamed to safe havens ages ago.
      • Finally after what seemed like ages we had our drinks and were sitting outside.
      • Some of the stage crew at Stratford who've been there for ages have said how my voice is just like my father's.
      • I'm starting to slip back into my nocturnal, staying up very late self again because I was up ages the other night working on my Physics coursework.
      • You wait ages for a television drama about what it's like to be fortysomething - wait until you're halfway through your 40s, in fact - and then four come along at once.
      • I was reading WIRED for the first time in ages the other day, and found myself getting annoyed all over again at the breathless prose they use in their articles.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (person) envejecer
    (cheese) madurar
    he had aged terribly había envejecido mucho
    • this wine ages well este vino se conserva muy bien

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person) hacer envejecer
    (person) avejentar
    (wine) añejar
    (wine) criar