Translation of age-old in Spanish:


antiquísimo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈeɪdʒˌoʊld///


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    (tradition/saying) antiquísimo
    an age-old problem un problema de siempre
    • Britain has an age-old tradition of Euro scepticism that goes back to well before the Second World War.
    • Women are subject to this discourse both in the name of religion as well as in the name of age-old customs and traditions.
    • We recognise the value of belonging to a culture: the age-old rituals, the candles, the specialness.
    • Is it because of his respect for the age-old prejudice of the orthodoxy against these arts?
    • The language carries its own values, the comforting familiarity of its age-old prejudices.
    • St. Patrick's Day is an age-old tradition celebrated by the Irish all over the world.
    • Hiding behind the sofa is an age-old ritual for younger viewers of Doctor Who.
    • They were carrying out an age-old tradition which goes back into the mists of time.
    • We must realise that there is an element of truth in all the age-old traditions.
    • It has proved to me the age-old saying that we don't know what we've got until it's gone.
    • According to age-old tradition they follow the example of Shiva in this respect.
    • The age-old tradition has been to grow cotton in villages where it was not possible to plant rice.
    • Hard Times 3 depicts the lives of a family in Kerry and includes the age-old themes of love and death.
    • Iraq and Egypt formed the confluence of ancient cultures with age-old traditions of their own.
    • Should everyone respect our age-old civil liberties and the rule of law?
    • One is an age-old Scottish tradition, while most people are guilty of doing the other at some stage in their lives.
    • Somewhere in the recesses of my mind, an age-old tradition has been corrupted.
    • This was another age-old tradition that was still being done; love had nothing to do with marriage.
    • Pupils of Wanborough Primary School packed their village church yesterday to carry on an age-old tradition.
    • Such a state of confusing dilemma caused heavy blow to the age-old traditions and beliefs of these cultures.