Translation of ago in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈɡoʊ//əˈɡəʊ/


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    five days/two years ago hace cinco días/dos años
    • long ago hace tiempo
    • a long time ago hace mucho (tiempo)
    • as long ago as 1960 ya en 1960
    • how long ago was it that you wrote to him? ¿cuánto (tiempo) hace que le escribiste?
    • a week ago today we were still in Madrid hace (exactamente) una semana estábamos aún en Madrid
    • I joined the company a year ago this Wednesday este miércoles hace un año que me incorporé a la empresa
    • He hopes to jog a few memories in January by picking up where he left off five months ago.
    • It started a week ago when I had to go down to Erith in Kent to collect some honey jars.
    • Do you ever sit back and think, five or six years ago this would have been a fairytale?
    • Ten years ago was the worse year of my life. It was a year when nothing seemed to go right.
    • Two days ago he went into the group's head office for the last time to clear his desk.
    • There was a time, and it is only a couple of years ago, when all this would seem surreal.
    • I spent two weeks a few years ago proofreading it for him and confess it was hard work.
    • The owner decided to give it a trial when he got rid of his previous cab a week or two ago.
    • He admitted that he'd met a girl a year ago and she was moving to Derby in Jan and wanted to meet up.
    • He was born over eighty years ago in the house next to the church and died in a house next to the church.
    • Leary had always said that he would never ever quit smoking, but a few years ago he did.
    • They talk about it less now than they did a week ago, but the spectre of it is omnipresent.
    • Its not hard to find stories on the issue and it happened over a week ago so why is Younge not aware of it?
    • She had beaten off the disease five years ago after a melanoma had been found on her leg.
    • It was like a minute ago that I talked to Natalie and now I am on my way in my Jaguar to get her.
    • His brother died of a heart attack a year ago and his father has had three attacks this year.
    • Ten years ago there was outrage when he was released for five days to go on a holiday.
    • Thank you to those of you who have been asking about my hospital visit a couple of weeks ago.
    • In fact the last American to come close here was Daly two years ago when he tied for third.
    • Ok, so they probably set it up to do this ages ago, but I gave up trying quite a while ago.