Translation of aid in Spanish:


ayuda, n.

Pronunciation: /eɪd//eɪd/


  • 1

    (assistance, support)
    ayuda feminine
    with the aid of sth/sb con la ayuda de algo/algn
    • to come/go to sb's aid venir/ir en ayuda de algn
    • a man rushed to her aid un hombre corrió en su ayuda / a ayudarla
  • 2

    ayuda feminine
    asistencia feminine
    (budget/project) (before noun) de ayuda
    (project/budget) (before noun) de asistencia
    a concert in aid of the victims un concierto a beneficio de los damnificados
    • what's all this in aid of? ¿a qué viene todo esto?
  • 3

    (apparatus, tool)
    it can be used as an aid to learning puede usarse para facilitar el aprendizaje
    • aids for the handicapped artículos para minusválidos
    • teaching aids material didáctico
    • visual aids soporte (de material) visual
  • 4US

    asistente masculine
    asistenta feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    to aid one another ayudarse / prestarse ayuda mutuamente
    • aided by the latest equipment con la ayuda del equipo más moderno
    • rest and a healthy diet will aid a rapid recovery el descanso y una dieta sana contribuirán a su pronta mejoría
    • the government aids other countries with money el gobierno presta (su) ayuda económica a otros países
    • to aid and abet sb instigar / secundar a algn en la comisión de un delito
    • aided and abetted by his partner instigado y secundado por su socio
    • It is likely the victim was the only person in the carriage because no-one came to his aid or offered him help when the attack was over.
    • If you're recently unemployed, you may qualify for financial aid to help you meet requirements for entering a new field.
    • With the help of a nurse who came to their aid, they tried without success to revive him.
    • The Government must consider giving financial aid to rural traditional medicine centres which have been operating in the State since time immemorial.
    • Passers-by came to his aid and he was taken to Leeds General Infirmary where his condition was described as ‘serious but stable’.
    • He said the World Food Programme was the only organisation supplying food aid to the area and that the community was willing to work with any other organisation.
    • Most crucially, the military was forced to admit its fleet of helicopters was in disrepair and there was nowhere near the amount of aircraft needed to deliver aid to remote areas cut off by landslides.
    • SIR - I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the young couple who came to my aid on Friday evening when I was stranded in my car in a flood near Carleton.
    • Gerson said rescue workers were facing difficulties in getting aid to isolated areas due to the absence of air transportation.
    • The Wroughton-based appeal has collected and distributed hundreds of palettes of aid to disaster struck areas since the tsunami hit on December 26.
    • Her family claims staff failed to respond to her desperate cries for help, and believe they only came to her aid when she collapsed from her injuries.
    • The federal government should be leading and offering financial aid to the provinces for the purpose of qualifying the skilled people who are already in our midst.
    • Food and other aid to the refugees, living in the area for three years, has been stopped since Jan.1.
    • A prolific burglar who targeted vulnerable pensioners has been jailed for a second time after stealing from a ‘Good Samaritan’ who came to his aid.
    • A passing patrol of some 25 troops from the Afghan National Army came to their aid.
    • It's a difficult environment at the best of times, but with roads cut, delivering aid to needy areas is proving to be a challenge.
    • The bad weather also blocked roads and grounded helicopters as troops raced against the approaching Himalayan winter to ferry aid to remote areas.
    • ‘Not one of the boys went to his aid, or thereafter summoned help, or displayed any concern for their hapless victim,’ said Mr Martin.
    • To propose that the government of a third world country is not acting fast enough to send aid to certain areas is incredibly unfair.
    • Mr Conroy's fishing partner was rescued by two surfers who went to his aid after hearing yells for help, police said.
    • About 25 farmers from the district then went to their aid.
    • The underfunded UN Relief and Works Agency is being forced to cut off food aid because of security restrictions.
    • They also gave food and material aid to as many as 10,269 people to help reconstruct destroyed homes.
    • In 1998, the Government provided significant financial aid to farmers.
    • Ms Kennedy said the service provided emotional and practical support with the aid of a team of trained volunteers fluent in many languages.
    • The Hacketstown community quickly came to their aid by establishing an enthusiastic committee who have come up with many novel ideas to help raise funds.
    • The program guarantees financial aid to low-income students who earn a ‘C’ average or above.
    • Two passers-by came to his aid and helped to find the cause of his injury.
    • Please can you print a message of thanks to the young lady who came to my aid in Hawes Lane on the morning of Saturday, June 7.
    • Therefore the Department of Labor gives financial aid to students with disabilities if they want to further their studies.
    • It specializes in bringing food and other material aid to war-torn areas.
    • He managed to hobble to a nearby address but no-one came to his aid until a female motorist found him bleeding heavily.
    • But her family, which includes five sisters and her brother, came to her aid when most of them put themselves forward for compatibility testing.
    • A meaningful targeted scheme of financial aid to purchase concentrate feed is needed to avoid disaster over the coming winter and spring months, it has been claimed.
    • In many ways it reminded me of how Irish people responded to the great tragedy of famine in my own country of Ethiopia 20 years ago when so many of you came to our aid at a time of such need and difficulty.
    • Fortunately two local men came to their aid and Mrs Christie and her mother were pulled to safety before the next waves hit the shoreline.
    • Eventually, they turned to their church and asked for some financial aid to buy food and basics and got it.
    • He told of how his cousin and her family came to his aid and gratefully helped him in the reconstruction.
    • The country restricts the movement of foreigners, and groups that distribute aid to alleviate its food shortages are barred from some areas.
    • After they left, Fung, hungry and thirsty, shouted for help and other hikers came to his aid.

Translation of AID in Spanish:



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    artificial insemination by donor