Translation of air hostess in Spanish:

air hostess

azafata, n.


  • 1

    azafata feminine
    aeromoza feminine Latin America
    • Remember what always happens in those aircraft movies: the air hostess lands the plane safely.
    • There is also the fact, as pointed out to her, that if indeed she would not be content with the office life, there are many jobs in travel that might be available other than being an air hostess.
    • In 1930, the first air hostess, Ellen Church, flew on an internal flight in the USA.
    • I wanted to be an air hostess when I was younger, go travelling and that kind of stuff, but I don't think I've ever made it past Aberdeen.
    • Chris and I managed to get seats together, and I asked the air hostess if there was a quiet place that I could use to give myself an injection.
    • Steve, who lives in Fleet, informed an air hostess of what had been said but other passengers had already overheard the conversation.
    • It is not really a history of the airline hostess; it is a history of the image of the air hostess, which is something different.
    • After stints as a waitress, an air hostess and a grape picker, her broadcasting career kicked off with Radio Merseyside.
    • On my flight down from Hamilton on Tuesday morning I overheard the air hostess talking about families to a passenger who was sitting right in front of me.
    • An air hostess who saved a man's life aboard a plane flying at 41,000 ft has received an outstanding service award.
    • As an air hostess, she knew the procedure to follow.
    • The Sultan took two wives, the second an air hostess with Royal Brunei Airlines.
    • Eileen positively promotes the benefits of organ donations and provides inspiration for organ donors, she has a full time occupation as an air hostess but still manages to train 5 days a week.
    • His mother was an air hostess, originally from Uzbekistan, who was orphaned in Mecca and, along with her brother, adopted by the British consul in Oman.
    • ‘When I was an air hostess, I had to deal with difficult passengers, those who were drinking too much or having arguments with partners,’ said Nhaid.
    • An air hostess who dragged passengers to safety from a blazing aircraft is to return to Manchester to raise money for cancer sufferers.
    • For a number of years, she was an air hostess with British Airways before leaving three years ago to have a child.
    • His wife Susan is an air hostess at Kansas City Airport.
    • ‘We were invited on to the flight deck after I had got chatting with the air hostess about my work at British Aerospace,’ said David.
    • Eight flying hours later when the air hostess brought breakfast, his fellow passenger decided to put his new-found Japanese to good use.