Translation of air rifle in Spanish:

air rifle

escopeta de aire comprimido, n.


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    escopeta de aire comprimido feminine
    rifle de aire comprimido masculine
    • They found a .22 calibre carbine and a powerful air rifle were not in the armoury where they should have been stored.
    • He said he fired the air rifle because he was ‘extremely frightened’ for himself and his wife.
    • After losing some money to robbers and conmen, Edwards bought an air rifle and air pistol to ‘protect himself’.
    • A scope is almost mandatory for an air rifle, and airgun scopes can have great profit margins.
    • In an air rifle the projectile is supposedly driven down the rifling of the barrel by a source of gas other than that provided by a fast burning mixture.
    • A BOY, aged 14, was shot in the back with an air rifle as a gunman fired randomly from an upper-floor flat in York.
    • But he stressed that, by their unanimous verdict, the jury had decided he should not have fired the air rifle.
    • There were also allegations that an air rifle had been fired during chaotic scenes.
    • This week, police were called after an air rifle pellet was fired at a classroom window while youngsters were having lessons.
    • Months of suffering at children's hands drove a young householder to fire an air rifle into a street of youngsters, York magistrates heard.
    • He had entered through the shrubbery and had shot an air rifle at the bungalow, Mr. B. returning the fire.
    • Vandals have fired an air rifle at the windows of a pre-school.
    • The pellet fired from an air rifle lodged just centimetres from Lee's eye socket.
    • A local man had to have an operation to remove a pellet, which police believe might have been fired from an air rifle.
    • Reports of an air rifle pellet being fired at school.
    • A 35-YEAR-OLD man who fired an air rifle after police were called in has been jailed for 18 months.
    • The four day meet will have various air rifle and air pistol events in both men's and women's sections.
    • A MAN who killed a friend in his flat when he fired a powerful air rifle at him, not realising it was loaded, has been convicted of his manslaughter.
    • A woman on disability benefits narrowly missed being hurt by a youth firing an air rifle.
    • Pellet selection ultimately comes down to which pellet is most accurate in your air rifle.