Translation of airing in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɛːrɪŋ//ˈɛrɪŋ/


  • 1

    to give sth an airing ventilar / airear algo
    • Apparently, the covenants of our homeowners association forbid the airing of laundry outside.
    • Would a good airing on a breezy day be enough to freshen it?
    • A product made of felt does not require washing often: a thorough airing in moist weather is usually enough.
    • When the sun shone we liked to give our blankets a good airing.
    • Vacuum curtains once in a while and give the sheets an airing as often as you can.
  • 2

    (public exposure)
    the issue received its first airing recently el problema se ventiló por primera vez hace poco
    • I hear these topics regularly being discussed in private and feel it is time that a public airing was given to the matter.
    • Whistle-blowers are typically protected by federal and state laws because, as a policy matter, we as a society want to encourage the public airing of official wrongdoing.
    • Shouldn't there be some evenhandedness, with bad buildings by good architects also receiving a public airing?
    • There are, though, real issues which need a public airing and an election campaign is one time when those issues should be able to get media time and grab the public attention.
    • This sort of ethical perspective has not been given a public airing.
    • They've said all the allegations and incidents aired in the media so far have been simply the public airing of internal investigations that are already underway.
    • It is excellent to see the results of this work receive a public airing in a very readable form, but at the same time disappointing that the material has not been attacked in a more systematic manner.
    • Others claimed the problems of the estate should not have received such a public airing.
    • The debate was interesting though and it was good to hear the subject getting an airing.
    • He stressed he was not making any presumptions about her outlook, but said she had considerable experience of incineration projects and her views on this area needed to be given a public airing.
    • The public airing of what many treated as a private liaison will make many observers more careful about their electronic correspondence.
    • Indeed, ethical ‘debate’ on this model, can hardly be more than the airing of opinions.
    • Is there some further development planned in the future which has not yet had a public airing?
    • The public airing of information gathered in a police investigation runs the real risk of contaminating that investigation.
    • Our friend Cath has just had a baby, and has passed on this useful advice. I felt it was worth a wider airing.
    • Nor can it provide the public airing of evidence that is sorely needed here - particularly since this is a case in which a revered institution has used its privileged place to silence victims.
    • Though all the cheering may have muffled a public airing of hard questions, insiders knew them all too well: Can golf really work in the inner city?
    • Thanks to a variety of industry sources, we can give several of these projects a public airing for the first time.
    • ‘It would be an understatement to say I was a bit dismayed, saddened and a little bit angry with the public airing of your views,’ he said.
    • There's strength in the diversity of warning systems, if only because it allows the airing of dissenting opinions on whether a particular threat is serious.