Translation of airy in Spanish:


espacioso y aireado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɛri//ˈɛːri/

adjectiveairiest, airier

  • 1

    (house/room) espacioso y aireado
    • This bright and airy room includes an original cast iron fireplace with tiled inset, timber flooring, a sash window and fitted bookshelves.
    • After experimenting with various design schemes, the designer's current prototype includes an open and airy bar area.
    • As we wander back to Ridley's villa, with its airy rooms and marble floor, I comment that private education doesn't come cheap.
    • He shows me round the restaurant - a lovely airy room with a view of treetops.
    • The room is light, airy, spacious and bright with sweeping stairs leading up to the lounge [Lounge] area.
    • Three of these large and airy rooms come with en suite facilities as does the master bedroom, which enjoys possibly the best views from the house with large windows framing a wide vista.
    • In the other his head is carried across an open, airy landscape by an anxious maid who follows the lovely, serene and very slightly pensive assassin.
    • This is a spacious and airy bar, not the sort of place where you're going to get choked to death by clouds of smoke.
    • The bright, airy building proved an ideal setting for the colourful mix of traditional and modern paintings and drawings that make up the display.
    • The new facility contains a spacious light and airy lounge room with enough space for patients to sit, with their supporters, in comfort while having treatment.
    • Diana half smiled at she stepped into her bright, airy room.
    • The giant airy building was in constant motion.
    • The kitchen/breakfast room is spacious and airy.
    • Original - featured cave, real mud floors, open fire, bright airy rooms and fantastic views.
    • The building has been transformed into a bright and airy restaurant [, Eat on the Green, which has had no trouble attracting a steady flow of customers].
    • The old ginger wine storage facility has been divided into spacious, airy rooms with stylish features such as Spanish wood doors and window frames and brightly coloured original beams.
    • Hour of craft and games in a bright and airy room.
    • The rooms are spacious and airy and feel more like an upscale Bed and Breakfast in their comfort.
    • The apartment is big: tall, white walls; big, spacious windows; huge, airy rooms.
    • Such strangeness aside, my stay was enjoyable: the rooms were spacious, airy and clean, the staff helpful, and the atmosphere convivial.
  • 2

    (haughty, unconcerned)
    (reply/manner) displicente
    • While a highbrow documentary on American lesbian crime-writers was certainly dull enough to kick my brain into neutral, I decided that I needed something lighter, more airy to chew on.
    • Her sultry good looks, airy insouciance and withering scorn would have made me her instant slave.
    • But I can say with a good conscience and an airy wave of the hand that if you have a different opinion we can all just try our best and in time the truth will emerge.
    • Dr. Singly couldn't help but to be amazed at the tone of her voice - although it certainly wasn't light and airy, it seemed only as if she were discussing the first time she had spoken publicly and it hadn't gone so well.
    • The paintings were too dainty, too delicate, too light and airy by contrast with the heavy pigment of the true expressionist to be considered authentic.
    • An airy, feminine voice giggled as a delicate hand snatched up the plastic packet of wafers away from Wayne's hand.
    • Maybe it was me trying to be all light and airy so I didn't break down and cry, or it could have been the incredibly beautiful spring weather outside, but whatever it was, it was good.
    • Its driver, insouciant about having one more dent to add to the several he had already accumulated, waved an airy palm of instant forgiveness.
    • A creeping, darkly flavoured, little number that more than serves as the big flipside to the more airy and light feel of much of the album.
    • Plucking the key from the other pocket and dismissing the guards with an airy wave of the hand, I take care in maintaining an unconcerned air.
    • ‘Perfectly fine,’ said Harp in an airy voice and starting to get up from the bed, ignoring the stinging pain in his arm.
    • After thanking Cynthia and Florence for the evening, I stepped outside and offered an airy, unfelt wave to the three people gathered around the threshold.
    • A light and airy story about the trials and tribulations of love, the play will appeal to many.
    • Her voice was no longer light and airy, but deep and filled with venom.
    • then, because this looks like a lot of fun to me, light and airy, but a lot of fun with Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac.
    • ‘I can tell you like what you see,’ she said in a light airy voice.
    • ‘Fine, I think I only gained about five pounds,’ she said with a light, airy laugh.
    • I commanded, gesturing him forward with an airy wave of my arm.
    • I forced myself to become airy and unconcerned at his stunned fuming and unvoiced questions.
    • ‘You must forgive him, Aurelia,’ Lillaria said, her voice airy and light.
  • 3

    (light, insubstantial)
    • Sweeping strides and soft steps swathed in airy veils and supple furs…
    • Ether is, when you really get down to it, a gas that is soft and airy and can knock you unconscious.
    • Perhaps the perfect comfort food is fresh bread, warm and pliable, filled with airy pockets and yeasty incense, and as satisfying to make as it is to consume.
    • The neckline was square, the bodice simple, in fact, the whole dress was quite simple, but the addition of that soft, airy fabric in almost a mint hue made it look so rich.
    • The first thing you notice in the garden centre is the delicate, airy foliage.
    • Instead, Mileece deploys complex and delicate structures to create airy, spiritual, soundscapes.
    • Sea-urchin roe also accompanies refreshing slices of hamachi, their airy delicacy highlighted by a spry sprinkling of sour-plum vinaigrette.
    • The red gleam is pouring down on me, trickling through my skin into my body, filling my insides with airy red rain.
    • A fine, floating, airy thing they called cloud.
    • Feathers floated into air, became nothing, airy nothing.
    • The salty, citrusy taramasalata was whipped until light and airy, and since the rest of the appetizers on offer tasted like they were from jars or cartons, the dish disappeared quickly.
    • Made on light tart shells filled with airy cream and loaded with sweet fresh figs, these were truly a standout, a perfect light dessert.
    • Upstairs in the meeting room is a great, airy cloud projection, part of Grace Weir's mock demonstration of the Theory of Relativity.
    • Heaven is a airy place, filled with clouds, butterflies, and flowers.
    • As steak sandwiches go, it's a doozy, made with a soft, airy Portuguese bun.
    • The airy feathers on her wings bristled suddenly, and she turned an alarmed glance to the ceiling.
    • It's cool, in a toned-down bowling-shirt sort of way, but its polyester yarn is spun soft and airy, and subtle mesh vents in the back evacuate excess body heat.
    • The blue vault of the sky was of a hue that made it appear almost solid, the airy clouds across the horizon cloaking mountain peaks in mist.
    • During summer, clouds of blooms cover its delicate stems, making this plant superb for creating an airy effect against a wall or dark green background.
    • There's an airy, audible crispness to the shell, and a fine, pungent kick to the filling.