Translation of alert in Spanish:


alerta, adj.

Pronunciation: /əˈləːt//əˈlərt/


  • 1

    to be alert (vigilant) estar alerta
    • to stay alert seguir atento / prestando atención
    • to be alert to sth estar atento a algo


  • 1

    alerta feminine
    on red/amber alert en (estado de) alerta / alarma roja/amarilla
    • to put sb on the alert alertar a algn
    • be on the alert for any suspicious visitors estáte alerta / al tanto por si viene alguien sospechoso

transitive verb

  • 1

    (police/troops/coastguard) alertar
    (coastguard/police/troops) poner sobre aviso
    to alert sb to sth
    • young people need to be alerted to the dangers of drug abuse se debe alertar a los jóvenes sobre los peligros del consumo de drogas
    • As you revise, you should be very alert to this point.
    • So Pacific Islanders today are very alert to their ocean, and their ownership of that ocean, and their custodianship of that ocean.
    • You begin to become more alert to your surroundings.
    • Though at times they don't seem to be the most aware of animals, sheep are very alert to mood swings, and this time was no exception.
    • There are signs that Congress is at least somewhat alert to these dangers.
    • We were all surely alert to the subliminal messages in the deceptive modesty of his glances.
    • Typically alert to nuances, he was among the first to switch into post-mortem analytic mode.
    • In fact, he was very alert to the activity of the minor pieces.
    • Firstly Ballyfin's Eoin McEvoy had to be very alert to deny Conroy.
    • He is very alert to matters of procedural fairness.
    • He did not bother answering me, his eyes were almost closed, but the impression he gave was that he was concentrating intensely and quite alert to what was happening around us.
    • I think they're very guarded and very alert to anything that they think might be untoward or suspicious.
    • It has however been equally alert to the fact that a State might present a charge in this way, when in reality it was seeking to impede imports, or in circumstances where there was no commercial exchange at all.
    • One consequence is that consumers are more alert to influences than ever before.
    • At the other end Dermot Byrne almost got clear but Farrell Cuddihy was very alert to clear the danger.
    • And shortly thereafter, several alert readers noticed something very peculiar.
    • The man was completely alert to his surroundings.
    • "Thanks to the efforts of police and the media, the public is more alert to these practices.
    • His poetry continued as it began, very alert to Art as politically acquiescent, complicit or compromised.
    • One must also be very alert to the fact that some pilgrims of certain nationalities come in bunches and batches and push their way through.