Translation of algebra in Spanish:


álgebra, n.

Pronunciation /ˈaldʒɪbrə//ˈældʒəbrə/


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    (with masculine article in the singular) álgebra feminine
    • Pierre went on to study the latest mathematics, in particular studying algebra and geometry.
    • I do not doubt that this is the most important work on general algebra that the Annalen has ever published.
    • Ernst Schröder's important work is in the area of algebra, set theory and logic.
    • The book contained the elements of geometry and algebra in addition to the calculus.
    • It is devoted mainly to arithmetic and algebra, with just a few problems on geometry and mensuration.
    • He had a distinguished career as a math professor, specializing in algebra, algebraic geometry and number theory.
    • König worked on a wide range of topics in algebra, number theory, geometry, set theory, and analysis.
    • Aitken's mathematical work was in statistics, numerical analysis, and algebra.
    • Mill only deals with geometry, arithmetic, and some algebra, not the branches of higher mathematics.
    • It is time to take a look at this most outstanding work on algebra in Greek mathematics.
    • He wrote several books on arithmetic, algebra, geometry and astronomy.
    • Wall's research is mostly in the area of geometric topology and related algebra.
    • Among his many mathematical achievements can be included profound discoveries in logic, algebra and differential equations.
    • In short, his interest in classical algebra and number theory brought him to abstract semigroups.
    • He failed in his application for the chair of algebra and number theory at Uppsala University.
    • He worked on algebra and graph theory, combining the two to produce his first outstanding contribution to matroid theory.
    • The mathematical topics that Delone studied include algebra, the geometry of numbers.
    • It was an exciting time with increasing mathematical activity in algebra.
    • They are the basis of mathematical logic, which in turn gives rise to Boolean algebra.
    • We have looked briefly at Zorn's contributions to algebra and to set theory.