Translation of algebraic in Spanish:


algebraico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌældʒəˈbreɪɪk//ˌaldʒɪˈbreɪɪk/


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    • In other work he looked at problems relating properties of algebraic number fields to algebraic K-theory.
    • Back in Berlin he worked on his doctoral thesis on algebraic number theory under Dirichlet's supervision.
    • Does Rijndael's algebraic formulation make the algorithm easier to crack than other cryptosystems not designed this way?
    • Remak made important contributions to algebraic number theory.
    • Herbrand also worked on field theory considering abelian extensions of algebraic number fields.
    • Even his analytical work was guided by algebraic and linear algebraic methods.
    • Bromwich also made useful contributions to quadratic and bilinear forms and many consider his algebraic work to be his finest.
    • He also published results on algebras which were fundamental in the study of algebraic number fields.
    • In 1874 he submitted this doctoral dissertation on algebraic integers and was awarded the degree.
    • He tried, with great success, to show why the introduction of algebraic notation was necessary and inevitable.
    • His work in algebraic number theory led him to study the quaternions and generalisations such as Clifford algebras.
    • This gave powerful results such as a purely algebraic proof of the Riemann Roch theorem.
    • Albanese's research involved examining curves on algebraic surfaces and the genus of an algebraic variety.
    • It also meant that Wiles' earlier work in algebraic number theory would be helpful, and that he would probably generate some interesting problems-whether or not he found a proof.
    • According to Rotman, the justification of homological algebra is that it eventually proved useful in solving purely algebraic problems.
    • The papers look at algebraic curves, the Riemann Roch theorem and algebraic polynomials.
    • Betti extended and gave proofs relating to the algebraic concepts of Galois theory.
    • Fermat preferred the algebraic techniques that he used to such devastating effect in number theory.
    • Baker, while on a visit to Göttingen, was inspired by Klein to study algebraic function theory.
    • It dealt with the sum of integrals of a given algebraic function.