Translation of alienate in Spanish:


alienar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈeɪljəˌneɪt//ˈeɪlɪəneɪt/

transitive verb

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    Politics Psychology
    this has alienated all his friends esto ha hecho que todos sus amigos se alejen / se distancien de él
    • to alienate the middle classes perder el apoyo de la clase media
    • to alienate sb from sb/sth alejar a algn de algn/algo
    • to alienate oneself from sb/sth alejarse / distanciarse de algn/algo
    • The ultimate purpose of the acquisitions is to enable the Territory to validly alienate Crown land in the manner that is stated in the notices of proposed acquisition.
    • Once the state has alienated any parcel of land, it can never re-establish its original claim.
    • Ever since the 1290 statute it has been a principle of the law that generally an estate owner should have a free and unfettered power to alienate his property.
    • Consequently, unless the plaintiff alienated his ownership, he has been the owner of the case since it came into being.
    • The land would then be alienated to the private sector by tender.
  • 2

    (property) enajenar
    (property) alienar