Translation of alienation in Spanish:


alienación, n.

Pronunciation /eɪlɪəˈneɪʃ(ə)n//ˌeɪljəˈneɪʃ(ə)n/


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    Politics Psychology
    alienación feminine
    alienation (from sb) alejamiento (de algn) masculine
    • before noun alienation effect distanciamiento
    • alienation from society marginación social
    • The heart of the dialectic lies in Hegel's theory of alienation.
    • In other words, they try to keep their addiction secret and suffer low self esteem and alienation as a result.
    • On thing Marx is known for is his theory of worker alienation.
    • More recently, Seeman suggested that normlessness and meaninglessness are manifestations of anomie rather than of alienation.
    • The teacher's certainty about his role, largely the result of alienation, asserts hierarchy.
    • But the rhetoric of Marxist exploitation and alienation does not speak to the needs of non-labourers, and may indeed oppose them.
    • Amotivation represents the lowest possible level of self-determination, as it implies a loss of personal control and alienation akin to learned helplessness.
    • Secondly, Marx was opposed to the state and figured that once capitalist relations of alienation were overthrown, there would be no need for a state any longer.
    • Each chapter takes a detailed and wide-ranging look at aspects of Marxist theory such as alienation, oppression, the family and class struggle.
    • The result is alienation, depersonalization, and degradation of the human purpose.
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    enajenación feminine
    alienación feminine
    • I am not satisfied that an alienation or transfer of property, in and of itself, is a sufficient basis on which to imply a trust of that property.
    • Another example of alienation arises when one joint tenant charges his interest in the property.
    • First used to indicate the process of alienation of Church property to the state, it soon came to be applied to the loss of temporal power by the Church.
    • I think this Court has said on a couple of occasions that alienation is critical to ownership.
    • The covenant is concerned with alienation of the property.