Translation of all-nighter in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌɔlˈnaɪdər///



  • 1

    (party) fiesta que dura toda la noche feminine
    (concert, event) función que dura toda la noche feminine
    • Do you honestly think your all-nighters across the street go unnoticed?
    • The English Speaking Union will have an all-nighter in the West End with food and wine for a £50 entry fee.
    • On the first night, the Grain Station director worked until till 2am, the second night until 4am and then he did two all-nighters after that.
    • The Cameo cinema in Edinburgh has just announced an Eighties all-nighter, featuring saccharine delights such as Pretty in Pink and Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
    • Jan called this morning after an all-nighter at the hospital and will be sleeping the morning away before she attempts the drive home.
    • The ‘Jolly Roger,’ on Sherkin Island, a short ferry ride from Baltimore, has produced some memorable all-nighters.
    • As for Dan, a third-year speech communication major, he needs coffee to stay awake through all-nighters.
    • And there might have to be, if not a long twilight struggle, then at least a serious all-nighter with some dismally poor lighting.
    • Well, I knew I had long days at work on Saturday and Sunday, and as the ball was an all-nighter, going on until 6am, I thought it wise not to go.
    • I personally really didn't wake up until 4pm today which I've never done unless it was after an all-nighter (all night chat, that is) ending at 9am, and even that only happened once.
    • If you are a banker or a management consultant or a lobbyist, you will regularly throw all-nighters to produce the victorious presentation or bid or whatever it happens to be.
    • As many workers know, the dreaded all-nighters can create havoc with family life, and anything that offers a chance to avoid camping out in the office is to be welcomed.
    • They still exhibit pangs for an occasional all-nighter and both could be trusted to fall off the wagon without descending into intoxicated free fall.
    • All the benches were by this time full, all classes of the day finished, leaving couples and friends free to sit out in the sun for a few fun-loving hours before the parties and all-nighters began.
    • I have done a couple more all-nighters since then but as I get older I have less stamina than I once used to.
    • A source told Britain's Daily Sport newspaper: ‘The party was a real all-nighter.’
    • The scene has never died, with 1,700 regularly turning up to all-nighters.
    • Yet after an all-nighter they'd go out for a celebratory lunch, then go home and come in late the next day.
    • News is now a nationwide cram session, all-nighters for the general public.
    • ‘It was damp, dingy and horrible so it's had a complete overhaul,’ she said, demonstrating her calloused hands after a pre-launch all-nighter to finish the decoration.