Translation of all-party in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɔlˌpɑrdi///



  • 1

    an all-party committee una comisión integrada por miembros de todos los partidos
    • an all-party agreement un acuerdo entre todos los partidos
    • Brake was joining MPs, health and road safety professionals at an all-party meeting in Parliament today to call for a range of measures to make streets safer for children.
    • With only two or three votes against and one abstention, the resolution had overwhelming support from the committee, and all-party backing.
    • The move won all-party support at a meeting of the Labour-controlled authority.
    • It is only at this stage that the fully costed, modified report would be sent to an all-party Dáil committee for further consideration.
    • Health Minister Micheál Martin said last night that there was overwhelming all-party support for the smoking ban in the Dáil.
    • But said she took the job after initial hesitation because such a body was long overdue, had a very wide remit and benefited from all-party support.
    • The campaign for a dedicated regional children's and maternity hospital yesterday received all-party support from Leeds Council.
    • The Council has strong all-party support for improving services for older people and has invested an extra £5 million in them this year.
    • It was produced by the all-party parliamentary beer association, which receives more than £35,000 a year from pub and brewery companies.
    • An all-party parliamentary group of MPs and peers which aims to push obesity up the political agenda launches next Tuesday.
    • Policing is one of Dr Cable's priorities and he chaired the all-party police group in parliament for five years.
    • No sooner was it reported that Labour might endorse such a measure in the election than the possibility of all-party support was being seriously discussed in Westminster.
    • She knew such a measure was doomed to failure and would destroy the all-party majority for the Conciliation Committee.
    • It's quite clear from debates in both the Commons and the Lords that there's all-party support for action and that's reflecting the views of the travelling public.
    • An accord reached on Friday will establish an all-party coalition government, seen as the best prospect for balancing ethnic rights and restoring harmony.
    • Failure to win all-party support could hamper efforts to win a £13m National Lottery grant needed to help to fund the £18m plan.
    • Party politics were not suspended during the war and there was never an effective all-party coalition as in the UK.
    • He will win all-party support at Westminster for doing so.
    • Sir William is encouraged by the commitment to aquaculture he has found among government ministers and their staff, and says his venture has all-party support.
    • The shake-up is contained in a review of local taxation drawn up by an all-party Parliamentary group.