Translation of all-pervading in Spanish:


que todo lo invade, adj.


Pronunciation /ˌɔlpərˈveɪdɪŋ/


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    que todo lo invade
    • If her novel has valuable insights to offer, they are her depictions of an effortlessly privileged environment and the discomfort some feel at the all-pervasive sense of entitlement.
    • But this light relief could not obliterate the all-pervading sense of crisis, disillusion and frustration in the country.
    • Gourmets stop and sniff as the all-pervading scent of truffles, of dark woodland places, of autumn, wafts from every shop and doorway.
    • Thousands and thousands of routine decisions over the centuries of Roman rule will have had an all-pervading effect.
    • With publishers clamping down on even the most prolific and reputable development houses, the pressure to create profitable products in a timely manner is all-pervading.
    • The sun was the all-pervading force in the affairs of primitive man and the most visible form of cosmic creative energy.
    • His numerous prints betray the all-pervading influence of Durer.
    • Group maladaptive responses are often misunderstood by leaders and citizens of developed societies, which do not have to contend with all-pervasive societal anxiety.
    • Brahma is the impersonal, all-pervading force of the universe, and the ultimate goal is for man to be reunited with this God in nirvana.
    • What at first was no more than a dim anticipation of approaching catastrophes developed, after 1914, into an all-pervading obsession.
    • Now even the law is finding itself vulnerable to the all-pervasive power of the internet - and this is bad news, not just for royalty, but for any innocent person who finds himself unjustly accused.
    • But positing big ideas based on what's best for humanity might just start to challenge the all-pervasive, underlying pessimism that surrounds every issue.
    • The rising number of singletons seems to be an all-pervasive global phenomenon, impacting on industrial societies throughout the world.
    • The all-pervading drone and muffled screech of the ceaseless traffic can be heard even when the roads and their traffic cannot be seen.
    • Indeed can spending more on defence protect us in a world where technology is all-pervasive?
    • The Cold War's all-pervading influence has faded into history.
    • The recording was made in New York's Manhattan Center, and, like the performances, the excellence of the engineering is all-pervasive, and not just a chain of effects.
    • His is a good story and his example is peerless, but increasingly it's old hat for the dark and dangerous reasons that football has been kidnapped by the all-pervasive influence of global television.
    • Elsewhere, she likens the notes contained in a raga to garlic and onion, one leaving an all-pervasive flavour while the other remains in the background, yet contributes substantially to the outcome.
    • Still, despite all sorts of turmoil, Rushdie has never surrendered to this seemingly all-pervasive impoverishment of our imaginative faculties.