Translation of all-wheel drive in Spanish:

all-wheel drive

tracción integral, n.

Pronunciation ///ɔl(h)wil draɪv/



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    tracción integral feminine
    tracción total feminine
    tracción a las cuatro ruedas feminine
    • I'd like to have a safe, all-wheel drive vehicle to use from November to the middle of April in Rochester.
    • The first so equipped, the Leone estate, went on to become the world's number one all-wheel drive vehicle.
    • Full-time all-wheel drive with vehicle-dynamics control ensures that whatever the weather, you'll get a consistent driving experience.
    • The frameless windows, the boxer engines and the all-wheel drive transmissions are present and correct, but the big difference is that the Legacy is, at last, a car that your passengers will enjoy as much as you do.
    • Many of the behemoths were equipped with four-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive, as noted by exterior labeling.
    • Subaru's stand will be heavily targeted at those people seeking a driver's car with all-wheel drive practicality.
    • Tom and Ray said you should pay the difference and upgrade me to the all-wheel drive!
    • The machine transports material in rough jobsite conditions, and a unique traction-assist valve lets operators activate its all-wheel drive with the flick of a switch with no need to restart the engine.
    • An optional all-wheel drive system, based on the one in the Town and Country, can send up to 100 percent of the power to the rear wheels.
    • The model we tested was front-wheel drive, so Melissa asked Don, our salesman, ‘If we special-order the all-wheel drive, can I still get that color?’
    • It seems that everybody is jumping on the all-wheel drive SUV bandwagon lately.
    • ‘Volvo and all-wheel drive just go together,’ says Anne Belec, the new president of Volvo Cars North America.
    • I revved up to about 3000 RPMs and dumped the clutch, spinning the wheels in a wicked all-wheel drive burnout and launched, blow-off valve exhaling excess pressure as I shifted.
    • Designed as a sort of halfway house between a large estate car and a full-sized 4X4, the Quattro all-wheel drive system makes it an ideal vehicle to transport those vital presents to their destination on an icy, snowy Christmas Eve.
    • With all-wheel drive, the A8 gets 24 miles per gallon.
    • A new six-speed manual directs the engine's efforts to both axles via standard all-wheel drive with three torque-apportioning strategies: normal, sport, and snow.
    • Riding on a sport-handling suspension, the limited-edition pickup offers optional all-wheel drive for added road-holding abilities.
    • When the all-wheel drive is disengaged, the grader will return to four-wheel tandem drive with no parasitic loss.
    • Nissan reckons Murano, named after the island near Venice and the home of Murano glass, resembles an all-wheel drive below its belt-line and a sports sedan above.
    • Fifteen minutes later, Tara had ruled out trucks and was trying to decide between an SUV and an all-wheel drive sedan.