Translation of all right in Spanish:

all right

bien, adj.


  • 1

    • 1.1(as greeting, well)

      are you all right? ¿estás bien?
      • I felt all right this morning esta mañana estaba / me sentía bien
      • I'll be all right in a minute enseguida se me pasa
      • all right? ¿qué tal?
      • The mother is going to be all right, physically.
      • And we're both all right at the moment - Gran's health has hit a plateau, as far as I can tell, and my life is just as boring as usual.
      • Once we found out that he was physically all right and that measures would be taken, we were excited for his opportunity.
      • Sir Alex overhears them as he walks past and asks: ‘Is everything all right lads?’
      • There will always be the ‘I'm all right Jack’ figures who accept that anything goes as long as their life is happy.
      • It had taken Juliet two weeks to convince Sam that he would be all right to walk the streets again by himself.
      • ‘When I did my leg, Duffs said that I'd be all right and that when it healed it would be stronger,’ said the former Nottingham Forest youngster.
      • As long as no one recognized her she would be all right to walk around.
      • ‘I think mentally we've been all right and physically we've been magnificent in the last three games,’ he said.
      • After the momentary scare, Yastrzemski and the rest of the Red Sox realized that he was all right - at least physically.
      • In the end I suspect that more people will want to believe that things are really all right despite the portents, rather than accepting that we're on the eve of destruction.
      • Once you get money, bills are paid and your family's health is all right, what more is there to have other than to live and praise God?
      • I look at Wonder Boy and pronounce that Rafael is perfectly healthy, mentally sane, and all right.
      • Making sure that the one he chose would be all right, Dorian walked over and carefully lifted up her ankle.
      • And you could have stepped outside your superficiality box for just ten seconds to ask Rob if he was all right; he was walking along there looking like he was going to drop dead.
      • I really didn't want to wake him and he seemed all right physically.
      • She made sure she looked all right and then she walked downstairs, not knowing later that she would regret not looking in a mirror first.
      • He turned to make sure everyone else was all right before walking over to the table Fran had been sitting at.
      • As long as your health holds up and you're feeling all right, why quit something you like?
      • She saw Petyr, looking very tired and a little dazed but otherwise all right, walk toward her.

    • 1.2(in order)

      the brakes are all right los frenos están bien
      • is everything all right, Sir? ¿está todo a su gusto, señor?

    • 1.3(safe)

      will the bikes be all right here? ¿podemos dejar las bicis aquí? ¿no les pasará nada?
      • you're all right: the ladder's secure no te preocupes, la escalera está firme
      • it's all right, I'm not going to hurt you tranquilo, que no te voy a hacer daño

    • 1.4(content)

      are you all right in that chair? ¿estás bien en esa silla?
      • to be all right for sth
      • are you all right for cash? ¿te hace falta dinero?
      • are they all right for blankets? ¿tienen suficientes mantas?

  • 2

    • 2.1(good enough, unobjectionable)

      she's all right, but I can't stand her boyfriend ella no me cae mal, al que no aguanto es a su novio
      • the weather was all right hizo buen tiempo
      • the hotel looks all right el hotel no parece estar mal
      • do I look all right in this dress? ¿estoy bien con este vestido?
      • it's not very smart, but it's all right for work no es muy elegante, pero para ir a trabajar está bien
      • you're all right: I like you! ¡me caes bien!
      • he/she's a bit of all right está bueno/buena
      • I thought the show was all right.
      • The picture quality is all right, though the image looks soft.
      • The dinner was all right, but it was a long trip to make.

    • 2.2(acceptable, permissible)

      I'll pay you back tomorrow: is that all right? mañana te devuelvo el dinero ¿vale?
      • would Monday be all right (for you)? ¿te viene bien el lunes?
      • I'm sorry — that's all right lo siento — no tiene importancia
      • I'll leave early today, if that's all right si no te importa, hoy me voy a ir temprano
      • is it all right if I switch the TV on? ¿te importa si pongo la televisión?
      • is it all right to smoke in here/to swim here? ¿se puede fumar/nadar aquí?
      • it's all right for you to talk/laugh! ¡claro, tú bien puedes hablar/reírte!
      • is this water all right to drink? ¿esta agua se puede beber?
      • to be all right with / by sb
      • we'll meet on Friday, if that's all right with everybody nos reuniremos el viernes, si nadie tiene ningún inconveniente
      • I never want to see you again! — that's all right by me! ¡no te quiero volver a ver! — ¡por mí, encantada!
      • We all must be willing to help each other and accept people as individuals, while realizing it is all right to disagree.
      • That is not all right, but to him it's a perfectly acceptable reason to fire you.
      • I wonder why it is not acceptable today, when it was all right under a National Government.
      • Go and see her; I'll be all right if any orders come in.
      • That would have been all right if other local authorities followed suit.
      • It is all right for the author to be undecided or out of the loop during a production, but here I was directing and had to make up my mind.
      • However, a lot of questions may come to mind, such as: is it all right to allow others to enter this space?
      • Still, that belief was fitting with what he'd told the nation, so it was all right that John accepted it.
      • It can be all right to make a certain deal with one player but not with another.
      • If he is granted permission, many soldiers would think it all right to defy orders.
      • It would actually have been all right if he'd gone dressed as a bear.
      • Winning just another division title would be all right, but nothing less is acceptable.
      • He said it was not an acceptable argument to say it was all right for inflation to be well above the EU norm simply because Irish growth is significantly higher.
      • Swimming is not allowed for at least two weeks or until the physician says it is all right to do so.
      • What is not all right is for private property interests to capture sole use of public water for their personal private profit.
      • If one is ‘less than full and frank’, that is all right.
      • And everybody here belongs to the club except me, and that's all right except for the fact that I'm here.
      • Some even say that after a certain hour of day, it's all right to send certain kinds of e-mail.
      • You will appreciate that I thought my evidence was all right, but I accept your ruling that it was not.
      • Not only will it help people to need help, but also it will help overcome stigma because I believe if insurance covers mental illnesses, it will be all right to have them.

    • 2.3(adequate)

      he's an all right guy es buena gente
      • they sell all right clothes venden ropa mona


  • 1

    he did all right in his exams le fue bien en los exámenes
    • we managed to find the place all right encontramos el sitio sin problemas
  • 2informal

    (without a doubt)
    it's serious all right es bien grave
    • you'll be sorry all right ya verás cómo te arrepientes
    • that's him all right, look at his walk seguro que es él, mira cómo camina


  • 1informal

    I won't be home till late, all right? volveré tarde ¿vale?
    • can I come too? — all right ¿puedo ir yo también? — bueno
    • all right, I'm ready; let's go! bueno, estoy listo, vámonos
    • all right, so I was wrong bueno, de acuerdo, me equivoqué
    • all right, all right, I'm coming! ¡ya voy! ¡ya voy!
    • a new world record! all right! ¡un nuevo récord mundial, sí señor!