Translation of allege in Spanish:


afirmar, v.

Pronunciation /əˈlɛdʒ//əˈlɛdʒ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    she is alleged to have accepted bribes se dice que aceptó sobornos
    • he is alleged to have spent the weekend with her según se dice, habría pasado el fin de semana con ella
    • He argues persuasively against the prohibitionists who allege that alcohol stokes violence.
    • Not all of the women are alleging any wrong-doing: some of them aren't even complaining about his behaviour.
    • The Court of Appeal allowed the beneficiaries to amend their claim to allege dishonesty.
    • He further claimed compensation for injury to his feelings, alleging that his human rights had been breached.
    • Today it announced the start of legal action alleging misleading and deceptive conduct.
    • Elected representatives make noise alleging that the quality of work is inferior.
    • Some have even pointed fingers at the government, alleging interference in judiciary matters.
    • Suddenly they started alleging that he was blogging from Manhattan.
    • Consequently, he brought a small claims action against the firm, alleging breach of contract.
    • Critics have poked holes in her arguments, alleging that her renowned depth of knowledge is shockingly shallow.
    • Scotland Yard said that its organised crime unit was still investigating a dossier of reports alleging human rights abuses.
    • The applicants allege that there is insufficient evidence to show that a charge of forgery could be laid.
    • The first charge is quite clear and I advise the Court that the particulars in that charge allege or constitute a war crime.
    • Local eyewitnesses dispute the claim, and allege that only children were in the streets.
    • At least two residents have approached The Tribune, alleging partisan behaviour.
    • Where they're wrong is in alleging that these rules have been unquestioned by the media up until now.
    • The statement of claim alleges that the gun was unregistered and had no trigger lock.
    • They emphasised they are not alleging any impropriety has taken place.
    • These stories are alleging that they were secretly actually funded by lobbyists.
    • But to dismiss what he now alleges is to ignore the overwhelming evidence that what he says is true.
  • 2

    (use as excuse)
    in his defense he allegeed loss of memory alegó / adujo en su defensa que había perdido la memoria