Translation of alleviate in Spanish:


aliviar, v.

Pronunciation /əˈliviˌeɪt//əˈliːvɪeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (anxiety/pain) aliviar
    (anxiety/pain) calmar
    (problem) paliar
    • This herb boosts memory and alleviates circulatory problems.
    • The pedestrian crossing at Market Hill has also been switched off to help alleviate traffic problems.
    • He called for concerted efforts in preventing spread of the disease and alleviating the suffering of people infected and affected.
    • The work is not alleviating the problem, it is making it worse in my eyes.
    • Try uninstalling to see if this alleviates the problem.
    • A large, modern bus station would surely help alleviate the problems and keep the traffic flowing.
    • The restrictions will stay in force until the problem is alleviated by a period of sustained rainfall.
    • If it alleviates social problems later then it's a good thing, as far as I'm concerned.
    • Inflation therefore is the only sensible solution toward alleviating this problem.
    • At the core of this book is a call for a radical rethinking of how psychiatric problems are alleviated.
    • All monies raised will go towards alleviating the suffering of survivors.
    • I'm pleased that in Cumbria at least the money is going into a pool, which will be used to alleviate the problems.
    • So can our community leaders come up with a plan of action to help alleviate this problem?
    • The brothers hope to alleviate the problems they encountered during their school days.
    • It alleviated the problem a little, but not enough to stave off looming financial disaster.
    • Hold the image of that person in your mind, imagining that their suffering is alleviated.
    • Far from alleviating the problem, the farming of carnivorous fish, such as salmon, adds to the pressure on wild fish populations.
    • The decriminalisation of abortion would assist in alleviating this problem.
    • The jolting problem was alleviated by using larger wheels and solid rubber tyres.
    • A number of industry sources have said a massive cow cull in the past year could have alleviated the current problem.