Translation of alleyway in Spanish:


callejón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈalɪweɪ//ˈæliˌweɪ/


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    callejón masculine
    • A total of 14 authorities, including Leeds and Bradford, have applied for powers to shut off alleyways.
    • We went through several alleyways this morning, and people would just creep out slowly.
    • He was right next to us as we walked down the alleyways and through the crowded streets.
    • He even volunteered to walk down the middle of the alleyway when a ball became stuck in the gutter.
    • We should always be edgy when we walk down dark alleyways in the middle of the night and be scared of lorries on the motorway.
    • Her heart pounded against her chest as she ran down the back streets and alleyways.
    • Walking up the alleyway he took a key from his pocket and opened the door.
    • The High Street has many alleyways that are worth exploring.
    • They created a network of more or less typical city blocks, some with alleyways and private drives.
    • But after a chase through snickets and alleyways, he again got away.
    • The Lanes are a network of intriguing cobblestoned streets and alleyways filled with wee shops, galleries and eateries.
    • An alleyway called Vyse Lane would be opened to the public again for the first time since the Second World War.
    • From the length of the Royal Mile runs a spider's web of cobbled alleyways, ancient courtyards and wynds.
    • Any child riding these in a public place including roads, pathways and alleyways is breaking the law.
    • His bronze skin glistens in the sunlight while he walks along the alleyways.
    • She walked all day, plodding down deserted alleyways and running across busy intersections.
    • Carefully he picked her up in his arms and walked through the alleyways to get to his home.
    • Mr Gibbs advises people to avoid poorly-lit alleyways and instead walk on main thoroughfares.
    • Eventually the crumbling brick and wood houses of the alleyways gave way to the great space of the mosque, its massive dome towering above us.
    • The children scamper, disappearing into dark alleyways and secret passages.