Translation of along in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈlɒŋ//əˈlɑŋ//əˈlɔŋ/


  • 1

    the restaurant is a bit further along on the right el restaurante está un poco más adelante, a mano derecha
    • I was walking along, minding my own business, when … iba caminando tranquilamente, cuando …
    • I was carried along by the crowd la multitud me arrastró (hacia adelante)
    • I walked through the park, and along a small dirt path, through some trees.
    • Further on, ignore some steps to the left and continue along the top of the gorge.
    • A folder was thrown onto the table; it slid along the smooth surface to land in front of her.
    • It bounced along the rocky surface, sending dust flying and making it even harder to see.
    • We were strolling along the coastal path and sat down on the grass for a rest and to enjoy the panoramic view across the bay.
    • He shot through the gap and continued along the narrow lane that would eventually reach a main road.
    • The lady returned to her side, her dress rustling softly as it slid along the smooth surface.
    • Dusk was gently closing in and the mist rolling up from the Ribble estuary as we parked the car and set off along the tow path.
    • He swept his finger along the surface of the mantle and turned to her, grinning.
    • He ran his hand along the surface and felt it curve upward, then downward again.
    • The bell rang for wake up call as she hurried along the passage to the showers.
    • He was made to walk along a winding passage then up steps and suddenly he felt a chilling breeze.
    • A pensioner had her handbag snatched as she walked along Shrivenham Road on Sunday.
    • Because this road is used by so many commercial vehicles, many trucks pass along the road each day.
    • Jeeps sped along in both directions on the dirt track.
    • Instead we found ourselves trundling everywhere in a clapped-out truck along roads with challenging surfaces.
    • The oxen continued to plod along the dusty prairie.
    • The boy shook his head and continued along the narrow corridor that he had led them to.
    • We wandered along in the other direction until we came to the Imperial golf course which we decided to cut across so we could see the canal.
    • But running, especially pounding along on a hard surface like a road or path, can put a lot of strain on joints.
  • 2

    (with one)
    why don't you come along? ¿por qué no me/nos acompañas?
    • she brought her brother along trajo a su hermano
    • take an umbrella along llévate un paraguas
    • So if you plan to take your pet along for the trip this summer, here’s what you should keep in mind before heading out.
    • At school and after Eric was a great sprinter and he brought along his old vest from his days with the Town Athletic Club.
    • Naturally she went along to see who it was, and it turned out to be a cousin of mine.


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    we walked along the shore caminamos por la playa
    • there were beacons all along the coastline había balizas a lo largo de toda la costa
    • cut along the dotted line corte por la línea de puntos
    • she ran her finger along the surface pasó el dedo por la superficie
    • the church is a bit further along the road la iglesia queda un poco más adelante
    • we stopped at several places along the way paramos en varios lugares en / por el camino