Translation of alongside in Spanish:


junto a, prep

Pronunciation /əˌlɔŋˈsaɪd//əlɒŋˈsʌɪd/


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    junto a
    al lado de
    they worked alongside one another trabajaban juntos / codo con codo
    • alongside other capital cities, ours may seem … al lado de / comparada con otras capitales, la nuestra puede parecer …
    • And the passport service is developing a passport card to issue alongside the passport book.
    • A road could be built alongside Fulford golf course and exit onto the bypass, or exit onto Heslington Lane.
    • His vision includes a relief road to run alongside the railway, cycleways and the improvement of amenities.
    • He said he had personally noticed that the local farmer had had to rebuild the wall alongside the road on almost a monthly basis.
    • The poodle participated in the dog dressing and beauty competition held alongside the dog show.
    • Our car thuds over the worn grass and hills alongside the road, jerking us up and down.
    • With the sun rising higher and splashing across the water, black porpoise dorsals soar and dip alongside the boat.
    • It was possible to swim alongside the side of the wreck and look down towards the seabed.
    • Often working alongside estate agents, YPP offers three levels of intervention.
    • First, there is the desire of the new books to contain the best of the old alongside the new.
    • A security officer, David worked alongside his mum for about four years before getting fulltime work.
    • He said the action plan set challenging targets to enhance wildlife habits alongside Britain's roads.
    • Pulling alongside them she and Rachel gave them a small wave and then they drove off.
    • Kitt will also kick off the event by playing alongside Jerry Fish on Thursday night.
    • If the defender is in front or alongside the shooter, the ball is very exposed for a block.
    • We focused mainly on set-up and aero development, alongside tyre testing for Magny Cours.
    • The appointment of a minister to embrace tourism alongside culture and sport is quite enough.
    • Their greatest concern is the proposal to construct a new access road alongside the village play area.
    • He has single-handedly kept Salford afloat, doing his level best alongside the big guns.
    • They will research, write and perform the works, alongside professionals.
    • So it is with no bias that he has programmed four home-grown shows alongside the exotic imports in this year's event.
    • Like, have they not read about the Greek theory that soldiers actually fought better alongside the men they loved?
    • Cahill asked in his smooth voice, sliding into the passenger side seat alongside Gemmel.
    • Drivers should consider the size of a breakdown provider's network alongside price when choosing cover.
    • What sort of work might he be doing alongside or in contrast to the research reported here?
    • They had a head start in that their assistant manager Ian Butterworth used to play alongside Prior at Norwich City.
    • She is to star alongside Jane Lapotaire in the drama, as yet untitled.
    • It was developed alongside speech recognition technology acquired from SoftSound last year.
    • When you are driving keep your eye out for a beach trail and cars parked alongside the road.
    • I drew my bike up alongside Leonard's as the path widened on the far side of the pond.
    • Morrison will write the script for the film, in which actors will star alongside the computer generated animals.
    • The small tuna boat is alongside us throwing bait and it seems our marlin has turned into a tuna.
    • Limitless quantities of easy-drinking home-made wine was served alongside to wash it all down.
    • Local bands Greasy Hogwash and Marner Brown played alongside Reggie Balmoral for over three hours.
    • Javed Khan, advice centre co-ordinator, worked alongside Jane while she was a volunteer.
    • It was usual practice for the finishing trades of the bleachers and dyers to develop alongside hosiery.
    • Scott says he sort of inherited the field alongside the shop that has become his farm.
    • He says he is not going to preach but to work and live alongside the people because that is what is holy.
    • Marriage followed alongside a comfortable life on the cosy road to middle-class success.
    • If we can do it alone we will, but we're willing to work alongside anyone who wants to co-operate.
    • Rain early Thursday has made the mud and piling garbage alongside roads stickier and stinkier.
    • There you have a basic beginning, tap dance continued to grow alongside the music that it was danced to.
    • His role, unlike the musicologist Cooke, has been as a composer working alongside Elgar's ghost.
    • Probably the best the reader can do is to consult both volumes alongside each other.
    • I'd play either with one of two forwards, but we are generally used to playing Chris or John alongside Henrik.
    • In addition to this, improvements will be made to the adjacent slip road alongside Kew Bridge.
    • Later, Sartre developed existentialism alongside a growing interest in Marxism.
    • Usually alongside a busy road, these places are perfect for supping ale and eating crisps in the baking hot sun.
    • It is no accident that the rise of Fantasy has gone alongside the development of digital FX.
    • Quality indicators therefore have to be developed using other evidence alongside expert opinion.
    • Veteran runner Marie will be running alongside a number of staff from Bury Hospice, for whom she is raising money.
    • It's been nice to play alongside my mates, rather than just colleagues.
    • The car pulled in and parked alongside the road in front of some quaint little shops.
    • I don't think the stores would mind, and I'm sure they would enjoy the joke alongside all the customers.
    • Kerr has said he is considering starting John O'Shea alongside Keane in midfield, but it is unlikely he will do so.
    • Lithium can be used alongside careful monitoring of blood levels to prevent side effects.
    • Will Greenwood returns from international duty and takes his place in the centre alongside Dafydd James.
    • Stay on the coast path as you pass alongside magnificent coastal scenery.
    • Red ribbons, alongside black, will truly mean something in London today.
    • Didsbury, however, will have a say in the assistants' finals, which runs alongside the main event.


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    al costado
    al lado