Translation of alpha in Spanish:


alfa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈalfə//ˈælfə/


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    alfa feminine
    (particle/ray) (invariable adjective) (before noun) alfa
    • Gamma rays are high energy photons, often emitted together with beta or alpha radiations when the transformation has left the atom with excess energy.
    • Among the commonly known alpha emitters are various isotopes of polonium, radium, thorium, uranium and all of the transuranium elements.
    • Part of this energy is seen in the form of alpha radiation, which occurs in the process of alpha decay.
    • Helium, a light gas, is formed during radioactive alpha decay in rock minerals.
    • Similar damage is caused by the alpha recoil, which is a trace of the energy released during the alpha decay of uranium and thorium isotopes.