Translation of Alsatian in Spanish:


alsaciano, adj.

Pronunciation: /ælˈseɪʃən//alˈseɪʃ(ə)n/


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    pastor alemán masculine
    ovejero alemán masculine Southern Cone
    perro policía masculine River Plate
    policial masculine Chile
    • Charming bed and breakfast inns, village delis and bars are a window to quality Alsatian living and country life, favoured by most inhabitants of this enchanting region.
    • He would quaff a few glasses of Alsatian Pinot Noir as he poured forth his conviction that Northern Ireland could emulate France and Germany by resolving age-old conflict.
    • Fitting the bill perfectly is Kronenbourg - a brand with authentic Alsatian origins, which dates back to 1664.
    • Even curry, the former best friend of chilled lager, is now seen as a dish that brings out the best in certain Alsatian wines and powerful Rieslings.
    • It lacks the aromatic qualities of other Alsatian grape varieties and may not be used for the production of Grand Cru or late harvest wines.