Translation of altar in Spanish:


altar, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɒltə//ˈɔltər//ˈɔːltə/


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    altar masculine
    • Offerings to saints - intended to promote healing - hang on strings near many church altars.
    • The stained glass windows behind the altar in Glann Church are in need of repair.
    • He referred not so much to architectural form as to dedication of three altars in one church as symbolising the three persons in the consubstantial unity of God.
    • Gifts of flowers or donations for flowers for the altars in Raheen Parish Church for Easter will be very welcome.
    • His mice are to be found everywhere: scurrying across church pews and altars, sitting on oak ashtrays, inside clock cases and on oak bookends, even peeking out from beneath oak dining tables and chairs designed for grand country homes.
    • Yet thousands of churches see empty altars week after week and year after year and cover this sterile situation by misapplying the Scripture.
    • A representative of each family is invited to place a candle on the altar during the service.
    • When it is available for viewing, one marvels at every tiny thread hand-knotted into incredibly intricate patterns, forming delicate swaths long and wide enough to wrap around cathedral altars.
    • Our parishioner had lived through the removal, replacement and removal again of altars and stained-glass windows.
    • At the centre you see two large, flat-topped boulders which look like an altar in a cathedral nave.
    • I then spent a sufficient amount of time in the cathedral admiring the altar and ceiling.
    • I want to see William standing by the altar of the church that I've attended since I was a child.
    • The altar of his church in Bridgewater Street is adorned with the national flag.
    • His rise to local prominence was due to the dextrous performance of magic on the altars of his church and elsewhere.
    • What Christ offered in hanging upon the cross for mankind, we recreate at Holy Mass, since He is again sacrificed on our altars.
    • There the parochial system was concentrated and efficient, and parish churches could provide altars at which clergy could offer up soul-prayers.
    • In addition, above the altar in the side chapel, the church has placed a large painting by Mr Willson.
    • Much of the gold and silver was used in the production of ecclesiastical items such as altar-crosses, reliquaries, and portative altars; the church being the client who could afford such wonderful pieces of work.
    • With the rise of private Masses, chapels began to bulge out from the laterals of the church and altars began to be recessed against the walls.
    • In addition to Christian icons, several altars had symbols from other cultural contexts, such as Native American and African figurines and images.