Translation of alternative in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ɔlˈtərnədɪv//ɒlˈtəːnətɪv//ɔːlˈtəːnətɪv/


  • 1

    an alternative plan/method otro plan/método
    • they offered her alternative accommodation le ofrecieron alojamiento en otro sitio
    • I know an alternative route yo conozco otro camino
  • 2

    (progressive, radical)
    (medicine/theatre/lifestyle) alternativo


  • 1

    alternativa feminine
    you have no (other) alternative but to resign no te queda otra alternativa que dimitir
    • he chose the alternative of renting a car optó por alquilar un coche
    • alternative to sth/ -ing
    • there are alternatives to flying volar no es la única forma de viajar
    • Organisers have also made sure there will be alternative traffic routes available.
    • Our lease expires next year and we need to find an alternative home as quickly as possible.
    • Where such data are not available, there are alternative ways of securing suitable information.
    • Peanut flour is a cheap and quick alternative method for thickening dishes.
    • I mean they ought to be able to reflect on possible alternative views, and some do.
    • It is perfectly possible that an alternative government would overturn a hunting ban.
    • Occasionally, though, I do browse around for alternative flavours and new experiences.
    • We will be contacting them again when an alternative service is available.
    • He even suggests that the argument has merit by moving onto the issue of possible alternative sources of funding.
    • In fact the experience made me wish that I had taken an alternative form of transport.
    • In recent years several sites have been examined as a possible alternative home for the Abbey.
    • Can you talk about how and why it was humanism that triumphed over alternative possibilities?
    • The council wants children to be aware of alternative, greener methods of getting to school.
    • An alternative surface level crossing is also available, so road crossing is unaffected.
    • An alternative method is to use a blow torch which will soften the varnish or paint, allowing easy removal with a scraper.
    • They are being offered alternative seats as similar as possible to the ones they have at Maine Road.
    • Bosses have promised to find alternative jobs within the company for as many people as possible.
    • If it is not available, an alternative venue would have to be found or the hearing adjourned.
    • Walsh says the company will just have to be innovative in seeking alternative forms of finance.
    • Which of all the uneliminated alternative possibilities may not properly be ignored?
    • Find the best alternative therapy for your lifestyle and health needs.
    • They've been known to hassle people who choose alternative lifestyles and dodge taxes.
    • Listening to this record momentarily makes one feel that all is well in alternative music.
    • Are you influenced by alternative music, is that something you have a passion for?
    • Bizarrely, it completely omits any reference to alternative lifestyles or kinks of any kind.
    • She loves alternative music and watching all sorts of sports though she says she is a total loser at most of them.
    • I think this is what appealed to our adolescent selves, as it appeals to a lot of fans of alternative music.
    • Witchcraft has come out of the shadows and is entering British society as a viable alternative lifestyle.
    • I was living an alternative lifestyle before anyone had thought of the expression.
    • Coldplay were also winners, taking the alternative music album award for Parachutes.
    • There are lots of alternative lifestyles in the area, as can be seen by the area's cafés and stores.
    • It used to sell books and pamphlets about alternative cultures and lifestyles.
    • Here in the States, alternative media have become extremely compartmentalised.
    • Look at some of the most experimental alternative music going around at the moment.
    • The music is mainstream alternative pop and rock music, with little or no variation.
    • Terror Trax was a haven for what we hoped would be the next phase of alternative music.
    • Both traditional doctors and alternative therapists work to the best of their ability in any given situation.
    • They insisted it was the only venue for alternative music in this city of 850,000 people.
    • An article such as this one marks a sad day in the realm of so-called alternative press.
    • The band Hell is for Heroes has denounced it as ‘a great blow to alternative music’.