Translation of although in Spanish:


aunque, conj.

Pronunciation /ɒlˈðəʊ//ɔːlˈðəʊ//ɔlˈðoʊ/


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    although he wasn't well, he went to work aunque / a pesar de que no estaba bien, fue a trabajar
    • he's very nervous, although you'd never think so es muy nervioso, aunque no lo parezca
    • the work, although interesting, is poorly paid el trabajo, aunque interesante / si bien (es) interesante, está mal pagado
    • The joke was that although John called me posh, he came from a far better off family than I did.
    • It seemed that although the road is single track they would need to install traffic lights.
    • It hardly oozes charm now, although there have been a few attempts to gentrify it.
    • We are a small team and although the numbers of cases are small it takes a long time to treat each person.
    • We kept on coming back on safaris, but although we longed to move here we knew it was just a distant dream.
    • How all of this will end is still uncertain - although we can be sure that the end is not in sight.
    • We can agree the deletion of the second paragraph, although this is a statement of fact.
    • He likes the fact that although the club has a cosmopolitan feel it still clings to old values.
    • She said Mr Brown had agreed to conduct the service, although it was not his usual church.
    • We even know the name of our delivery driver, although he came while we were out.
    • Mr Cumming said although new drugs were good news for patients, they still had to be paid for.
    • The short answer is that although the industry was privatised it was not given its freedom.
    • He admitted that although overall crime levels had come down, the fear of crime had not.
    • That seems to work for me, although as you mention it does leave them in the database marked as spam.
    • A better day could not have been had and although it was still early I was knackered.
    • I'm still amazed by the calmness of the sea although it does now at least have some rollers.
    • Yet although the project was appearing to gather steam all was not well behind the scenes.
    • He used his scooter to get to work and although he would no longer be able to ride it, he was still paying back a loan on it.
    • It's not just that the pace of basic innovation has slowed in your field, although it has.
    • They may have been famous faces but although they may have left the club the club has never left them.