Translation of amateur in Spanish:


amateur, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈæmədər//ˈamətə//ˈæmətʃər//ˌaməˈtəː//ˈæməˌtər//ˈamətʃə//ˈamətʃʊə/


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    (masculine and feminine) amateur
    a bunch of amateurs un grupo de gente sin ninguna profesionalidad
    • As an amateur, he fought 72 times, winning 60 bouts, before turning professional in 1997.
    • There will be two qualifying rounds and amateurs will also be invited.
    • In another key component, the band sponsored a female athlete and an amateur in each sport.
    • This attitude is not just peculiar to high-handicap amateurs but is also prevalent among the top amateurs and professionals.
    • This is a unique event where the top professionals race against the top amateurs and the top youth.
    • He is a sports psychologist who works with many of the top pros and amateurs in the country.
    • What we need are boxers that have been amateurs before turning professional.
    • When we competed as amateurs in the Olympics we would practise all year for three or four events.
    • When he got to England, he started as an amateur in rugby league, a version of rugby he was not familiar with.
    • Professionals like to play against amateurs, but are wary of facing too many at once.
    • The top amateur is recognized with a special green leader's jersey after each stage.
    • Ironically, Beaumont is the amateur on this professional tour.
    • Finally what also makes cycling superior is it is a sport where the amateur can experience almost the same sensations as the professional.
    • So first off it was probably the top club juniors, then the top amateurs, then, I guess, guys like Faldo and Clarke.
    • Yet the wonder of the tour is that even amateurs can take part.
    • The professional clubs come in at the third round and this time it will be an open draw, with the amateurs not having to play away.
    • They insisted they were amateurs, which somehow made it more noble.
    • And for the first time there will be cash prizes for the leading players who will join forces with amateurs in the team event.
    • As an amateur, Uhalt turned down football scholarship offers to pursue professional baseball.
    • Last year, junior rider Kate Hart beat the professionals and the top amateurs to earn the victory.


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    (not professional)
    (athlete/musician) amateur
    (competition/sport) para amateurs
    an amateur photographer un aficionado a la fotografía
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