Translation of amazement in Spanish:


asombro, n.

Pronunciation /əˈmeɪzmənt//əˈmeɪzm(ə)nt/


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    asombro masculine
    he listened in amazement escuchó asombrado
    • to his amazement, she turned down the offer rechazó la oferta, lo cual le causó gran asombro
    • her amazement at the news el asombro con el que recibió la noticia
    • Sometimes I can only wonder in amazement about how our pop stars are forced to suffer for their art.
    • I lifted my head from the bed and looked at him in amazement and relief.
    • His three friends looked on in amazement as each article was taken out of the box.
    • I thought that most of the farmers would have better things to do but to my amazement more than 70 showed up.
    • Some will shake their heads in amazement that such a debate still goes on.
    • The Greek media reacted with relief and amazement at their sprinters' announcements.
    • When I turned back to walk up to the house through the lengthening shadows I stopped still in amazement.
    • To our amazement, the advocate then slapped the man hard across the cheek.
    • To my horror and amazement, everyone on the boat laughed, grabbed their masks and fins and jumped in.
    • When it was placed on my desk my reaction was one of total amazement.
    • She dragged them both back to the den to the shock and amazement of all three of them.
    • We all read the article with shock and amazement and a touch of laughter.
    • To my amazement I found that she was interested in me and she made the first moves.
    • Bewildered, I watch her eyes flicker with the memory of sudden shock and amazement.
    • To our amazement he impatiently knocked on the door a couple of times.
    • Her joy and amazement are particularly well suited to such an unfettered process.
    • I feared to sip a drop of water, and I am sure that the timpanist saw me looking at him in awe and amazement.
    • When Alexandra arrived at the ball the room fell silent and everyone stared in amazement.
    • The excited crowd stood wide eyed in amazement at the spectacle that lit up the night sky.
    • Much to our amazement and surprise, on our return we found that the car was gone.