Translation of ambition in Spanish:


ambición, n.

Pronunciation /æmˈbɪʃ(ə)n//amˈbɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (drive, desire)
    ambición feminine
    he seems to be totally lacking in ambition no parece nada ambicioso
    • they have ambitions for their daughter aspiran a que su hija llegue lejos
    • His ambition of becoming Prime Minister was dashed forever.
    • So is it personal ambition that's driven her to scale the upper heights of the ministry?
    • On the other hand, it would be surprising if they had equal levels of ambition.
    • Not so long ago he was watching telly with his eldest daughter, Lois, who has ambitions to be an actor.
    • The result of years of research, the book portrays the regent as a woman of ambition, taste, and faith.
    • Now, if I get some MP to sign a letter, it feels like I've achieved my life's ambition.
    • He's been good at everything he's turned his hand to because of his determination and ambition.
    • Matt left his native Birmingham a year ago to pursue his ambition of being part of a band.
    • If anything, Allan and his management team have had to rein in their ambitions.
    • The present trustees could never be accused of lacking ambition.
    • In nineteenth-century France, artists of high ambition sometimes expressed impatience with easel painting.
    • Most dangerous of all is that this will encourage those whose ambition outstrips their ability.
    • She arrived in 1920s Paris with nothing but talent, ruthless ambition and her own inimitable style.
    • It has less independence than the body it replaced but more ambition and more resources.
    • This dedication came not through ambition, or from a search for glory, but through his real generosity of spirit, through love.
    • Hughes won the affection of many viewers in the original programme when he set out his ambitions in life.
    • His energy and ambition are astonishing, yet he emerges from this exhibit as a secondary, if engaging, figure.
    • The storytelling ambitions of the two paintings are entirely interchangeable.
    • The single abiding ambition of my life was to be as good a father as I could.
    • Goneril and Regan, consumed by ambition, divide the kingdom in half.
    • He now has a job, home and family and has developed into a responsible, caring father with ambition.
    • He and Graham Gordon, another young Scot soon to join the paid ranks, have big ambitions.
    • Noble ideas about feeding the world are being used to cloak ambitions of economic dominance.
    • After a sickly childhood, he entered manhood with uncommon zest and ambition.
    • The boy was a considerable scholar - fluent, we are told, in six languages - but also consumed with ambition.
    • Julie's success is based on driving ambition, a deprived childhood and hard graft.
    • Her ambition was to work in the field of astrophysics.
    • Constable died in 1837 feeling that his ambitions had not been realized.
    • Andrews just hopes their ambitions tally with his own and those of his boss.
    • For a man whose ambition had always been to farm, he has no regrets about his change of career.
    • Publicly affable, his home life seems to have taken the brunt of his drive and ambition.
    • If we work together we can realise these ambitions - we can make Scotland a better place.
    • Land-hungry settlers viewed the royal government as an obstacle to their ambitions.
    • Unlike world leaders she was not driven by raging ambition or a desire to improve society.
    • By the age of 14 she had two ambitions: to join the army and to compete in the Olympics.
    • The firm harbours ambitions to build a major annual event around St Andrew's Day.
    • All of this occurs amid speculation about her own presidential ambitions.
    • The desire for weed-free fields is not an evil ambition.
    • During the course of Citizen Kane, the hero marries two women and his ambition drives them away.
    • In a book of such ambition, there will be much with which to quibble.
  • 2US informal

    (energy, vitality)
    energía feminine