Translation of ambush in Spanish:


tenderle una emboscada a, v.

Pronunciation /ˈambʊʃ//ˈæmbʊʃ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (vehicle/troops) tenderle una emboscada a
    they were ambushed by guerrillas los guerrilleros les tendieron una emboscada
    • While waging a gutsy campaign against liver disease, he was ambushed by stomach cancer and succumbed within a few months.
    • Two Burnley youths who ambushed two men in a motorway under-pass have been sentenced to two years detention.
    • Howard survived, just as he did in January when he was ambushed in a North Side car wash.
    • I think they might have let me know in advance what they were planning instead of ambushing me, don't you?
    • A man was ambushed and mugged by three men lying in wait as he walked home from a football match.
    • Calida had barely made it to the bottom of the stairs when Esmerelda ambushed her.
    • So while we were in the cart, some of my soldiers ambushed the officers and stole their uniforms.
    • The old man followed her into the dark hall, where he was ambushed by several dozen rebels.
    • They heard how he was ambushed as he drove from Keighley Leisure Centre by two car loads of heavily-armed and masked thugs.
    • A woman was ambushed by carjackers who threatened her with a gun and made off with her BMW convertible last week.
    • Perhaps we have stumbled upon a party intent on ambushing us and raiding our lands.
    • The prosecution said that Vang ambushed some victims and chased one.
    • A specialist team ambushed the men, who were in a red estate car, as they prepared to head into Glasgow from Kirkintilloch.
    • He was ambushed by two men firing shotguns as his cab pulled up outside.
    • Kirsty revealed how she had spoken to Paul on his mobile phone only moments before he was ambushed.
    • The police ambushed the dealer in a bogus arrest, stripped him of cash and drugs then sent him on his way.
    • A masked robber, who was wielding a baseball bat, ambushed the first employee as he went outside to the bins.
    • The Marines just happened to come upon them an hour after the soldiers were ambushed.
    • It was as he walked across the car park at the front of the sports centre that he was ambushed and assaulted so viciously that he lost consciousness.
    • A young Ilkley landlord is recovering from a terrifying ordeal in which he was ambushed by two armed burglars.


  • 1

    emboscada feminine
    to lay an ambush (for sb/sth) tender(le) una emboscada (a algn/algo)
    • they lay / waited in ambush for the column to pass esperaron emboscados a que pasara la columna