Translation of Americanize in Spanish:


americanizar, v.


Pronunciation /əˈmɛrɪk(ə)nʌɪz//əˈmɛrəkəˌnaɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    agringar Latin America derogatory
    to become Americanized agringarse Latin America derogatory
    • It was our Americanized nickname, because we couldn't pronounce his whole name and get anything else done.
    • The parents felt that they were too Americanized to see the advantage of our culture now, but would realize when they grew up.
    • Originally a BBC production, it's been slightly Americanized.
    • Puerto Ricans place a high value on the education of the young; on the island, Americanized public education is compulsory.
    • Gradually they were replaced with more Americanized forms of entertainment like motion pictures.
    • She never lost her accent no matter how much she was Americanized.
    • For instance, the traditional Salvadoran practice of interring bodies in family crypts has recently given way to a more Americanized approach to burying the dead.
    • Earlier immigrants often discovered with surprise that immigration officials had Americanized their names on the documents that admitted them to the country.
    • The Asian students were less likely to exhibit such Americanized behaviors than the Caucasian students.
    • Both symbolized values that were the antithesis of Soviet Marxism and Americanized consumerism.
    • Somalis have Americanized their names in order to apply for jobs and housing, Mohamud said.
    • For reasons of what I suppose is identifiability, Constantine has been Americanized.
    • Can she be Americanized even if she lived in Canada?
    • For a long time it seemed to me as though savage irony and Americanized hyperbole was the only appropriate voice with which to articulate the ridiculous anachronisms of British society.
    • The dictionaries don't agree on whether Tex-Mex means Americanized Mexican food in general or specifically the kind from Texas.
    • Young Mongolians are increasingly abandoning many aspects of their ethnic heritage and are adopting more Americanized attitudes and behavior.
    • Asian food is more prominent than it was five years ago and not just the kind that suits Americanized palates.
    • The first generation retains vivid memories of and fidelity to the traditions of the home country, while their children are increasingly Americanized.
    • On arrival, many Czechs Americanized their last names.
    • Sometimes, she had the honor of turning on the Sabbath lights for her neighbors, the Rogarshevskys, who by then had Americanized their name to Rosenthal.