Translation of amoebic in Spanish:


amébico, adj.

(US amebic)

Pronunciation /əˈmiːbɪk//əˈmibɪk/


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    • The patterns and motifs are highly complex, ranging from starbursts and amoebic shapes to flowers and birds.
    • Fever is the presenting symptom in 10 to 15 percent of patients, and therefore amebic abscess should be considered in patients with a fever of unknown origin.
    • Approximately a third of cases of dysentery were classified amoebic, a third as bacillary and the rest remained undifferentiated.
    • Elsewhere, amoebic abscesses are more common, and, worldwide, amoebae are the commonest cause.
    • If you develop an amoebic liver abscess and have not responded well to antibiotic treatment after seven days, or there is a high risk that the abscess may rupture, your doctor may suggest a small operation to drain the abscess.