Translation of amount in Spanish:


cantidad, n.

Pronunciation /əˈmaʊnt//əˈmaʊnt/


  • 1

    cantidad feminine
    I spent a huge amount of time on the project invertí muchísimo tiempo en el proyecto
    • to increase/reduce the amount of current/heat subir/bajar la corriente/temperatura
    • The first period totalled up a paltry amount of three genuine opportunities.
    • This value is the amount of time the browser waits before it acts on information it receives.
    • The total amount of sunlight energy over all of the spectrum is important in heating vines and soils.
    • This is in total contrast to the amount of walking or exercise involving the use of the legs.
    • Purchases must be fit for their purpose - they should work for a reasonable amount of time.
    • Hopefully my legs will permit a reasonable amount of wandering about places of interest.
    • I think, if we know we have a reasonable amount of work on the books, we'll take it.
    • Also important are the factors that control the total amount of water in the body at any particular time.
    • If it is prolonged and performance is affected, this will affect the total amount of coverage we get.
    • Not only was the total amount of tuber starch reduced, but its composition was also affected.
    • The swept volume is the amount of volume that the piston moves through as it moves up and down.
    • Well, if the universe is flat, this tells us something about the total amount of mass and energy in it.
    • One of the joys of working in Manchester is that you can walk from one end to the other in a reasonable amount of time.
    • Lorries were seen as a particular risk due to their size and the amount of chemicals they could be carrying.
    • In places you cannot see the spring shoots which are beginning to peep through because of the amount of rubbish.
    • The extent and the amount of the work involved was not defined in the Contract.
    • What was a reasonable amount of time to wait for a chicken burger to be prepared, anyway?
    • In the first half of pregnancy it is normal for the total amount of thyroid hormone to be slightly increased.
    • There is no denying that one of the major causes of obesity is the amount of food that we eat and the portion sizes.
    • If you live in a built-up area, you have to expect a certain amount of noise.
  • 2

    (sum of money)
    cantidad feminine
    suma feminine
    add the two amounts together sume las dos cantidades
    • the full / total amount was over $10,000 el (importe) total ascendía a más de $10.000
    • It says this is costing substantial amounts of money which would otherwise be used on patient care.
    • These will see the fund paying out reasonable compensations instead of huge amounts of money as is presently done.
    • Drivers contribute huge amounts of money to the government through road tax, tax on car sales, and we all know about fuel duty.
    • You never know when something will pay off, and for the trivial amounts of money it costs, the returns are enormous.
    • Having expended large amounts of money on multiculturalism, they are hardly likely to criticise it.
    • Massive amounts of money were spent helping the airlines fund new security precautions.
    • The government had set aside significant amounts of money to rebuild the city, but inflation meant that this was still not enough.
    • In recent elections soft money has become a way for wealthy individuals to contribute large amounts of money to the political parties.
    • Experience has shown us that the best way to sustain partnership is to contribute small amounts of money on a regular basis.
    • Administration, equipment and maintaining venues cost huge amounts of money.
    • The numbers of delinquents and the estimated amounts of tax money involved have not been detailed.
    • The dome is not the only monstrous carbuncle currently swallowing obscene amounts of public money.
    • I mean, we bring in millions of dollars in terms of research money, huge amounts.
    • So with the aim of contracting for projects, the constructor spends huge amounts of money on bribes.
    • Careful money management rather than throwing vast amounts of sums of money at the problem is certainly a key way forward.
    • By donating large amounts of money, wealthy individuals are able to signal their economic prowess.
    • Feel free to spend inordinate amounts of money and fund my house survey.
    • They didn't get all they asked for I might say, but they got specific amounts of money for specific purposes.
    • This is important because longstanding disciplinary processes cost the country huge amounts of money.
    • We are losing vast amounts of tax money, as well as the respect of the people.