Translation of ampoule in Spanish:


ampolla, n.


Pronunciation /ˈampuːl//ˈæmp(j)ul/


  • 1

    ampolla feminine
    ampolleta feminine
    • They used to - back in the old days, sonny - package triflic anhydride in glass ampoules.
    • The cost for an ampoule at a private pharmacy is about £30.
    • The ampoules containing the two allergens could not be distinguished from one another or from the distilled water.
    • The anaesthetic had been kept in glass ampoules which were stored in the disinfectant, and became contaminated by seepage through invisible cracks in the glass.
    • Imagine looking desperately for adrenaline while treating a patient with a cardiac arrest, finding an ampoule labelled ephedrine, and mistaking it for epinephrine.
    • It consists of an outside plastic casing with an inner glass ampule containing 0.5 mL of adhesive that can be expressed through the applicator tip once the vial has been crushed.
    • The print on the ampoules is so small these days.
    • Industry figures indicate that the average monthly demand for diamorphine is approximately 640,000 ampoules of varying strengths.
    • Working in a busy plastic surgery unit, we have noticed that a variety of water, saline, and lignocaine ampoules all look virtually identical in terms of bottle design and labelling.
    • Preservative-free medication ampules, vials, and prefilled syringes for single patient, single-dose items should be checked for the presence of preservative agents.
    • The American Society for Health System Pharmacists recommends filtering solutions drawn up from glass ampules to remove glass particles.
    • From 1997 the absolute number of prescriptions as ampoules fell annually.
    • Glass ampoules and syringes were used to administer emergency medications (eg, epinephrine, hydrocortisone) before Mr L's procedure began.
    • Because the pharmacy had no pethidine, the general practitioner obtained an ampoule of diamorphine containing 100 mg and administered the whole dose intramuscularly.
    • First-year students learn aseptic transfer of drugs from vials and ampules and handling techniques for antineoplastic drugs.
    • If the surface treatment is going to be applied to glass in applications such as slides, petri dishes, or sampling ampules, transparency gives users a maximum visual of what is being studied.
    • The study drug was supplied in identical numbered ampoules.
    • You hermetically sealed both ampules by melting the tips, and washed them with an ethanol solution, and dried them.
    • Scientists prepare and store the gas under pressure in spherical glass ampules two to three inches in diameter.
    • Shelf-life surveillance of the ampules and vials is ongoing.