Translation of anchor in Spanish:


ancla, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæŋkər//ˈaŋkə/


  • 1

    • 1.1Nautical

      (with masculine article in the singular) ancla feminine
      to be / lie / ride at anchor estar anclado
      • to cast / drop anchor echar anclas
      • to weigh anchor levar anclas
      • the ship was dragging its anchor el buque estaba garrando / garreando

    • 1.2(mainstay, support)

      sostén masculine
      hope/faith was his anchor la esperanza/fe fue su áncora de salvación literary

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (ship) anclar
    (ship) fondear
    • In the evenings, the motor yacht is opportunely anchored for the sublime South Pacific sunsets, best viewed from the broad Sky Deck with a Fiji Bitter in one hand and a camera in the other.
    • We shall put her in the side of a cove, and anchor our ships behind her.
    • The pub is a mecca for yachters - including Princess Anne, who anchors her ocean-going yacht Royal Doublet in the sheltered deep waters of the loch.
    • One needs to find a space to anchor the ship before applying for a license.
    • The last occurred in 1882 and Cook witnessed the phenomenon in 1769 after anchoring his ship, the Endeavour, in Matavai Bay, Tahiti.
    • Schoolchildren from Whitby Music Centre played as the crew anchored the ship and ropes were thrown on shore to secure HM Bark Endeavour in its berth for the next two months.
    • The history of Walvis Bay town spans 500 years, from the late 1480s when the first European sailor anchored his ship at the bay.
    • Finally, when the ship was well anchored and docked, the ramp was let down and the men began to file out.
    • WO Osborne said the area is still thought to contain the remnants of a protective minefield and ships are forbidden from anchoring in the bay.
    • There's a cavern over there on that island, along with a spot to anchor the ship.
    • The lifeboat crew helped to anchor the vessel so it would withstand the battering of the waves until it was ready to be refloated, and transferred the passengers and crew to safety.
    • Initially, only one other vessel responded, so Duncan cheekily anchored the two ships in full view of the Dutch fleet, ordering his officers to signal regularly to the imaginary remainder of his warships.
    • Luxury yachts are docked in the harbour, and giant cruise ships are anchored swimming distance from the beach.
    • A ship is anchored and ready to set sail for England on my command.
    • Personnel from HMAS Anzac set off to do a tour of Egypt while the ship is anchored near the entrance to the Suez Canal.
    • You can learn a great deal even when your boat is anchored or tied to the dock, especially if other boas are moving about nearby.
    • Geraldton Port Authority acting harbour master David Murgatroyd said the skipper anchored the boat, Rex, and radioed for help about 5 am.
    • At first, as on one of my earlier visits, I leafed through the log of the Southwold, a patrol ship that was anchored off the pier from autumn of 1914.
    • At some point construction on the inside of the marina will begin and anchored yachts will be chased back outside.
    • The ship is currently anchored outside Colombo Harbour.
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    (rope/tent) sujetar
    (tent/rope) asegurar
    • Both will be pushing hard for first team slots this week when Ilkley entertain Northallerton who are firmly anchored at the bottom of Yorkshire League Two.
    • Sylvain Wiltord says he plays from the heart and does not want to be anchored to a particular position within a team.
    • The sport is firmly anchored in northern Europe, booming in eastern Europe, popular in Australia and South Africa, and widespread in North America.
    • The container of the line was anchored at a known point, and using the distances from that and references from the beach, Divers were able to mark depths and notes on a board with a grease pencil.
    • Warrington have won just one Super League game and are currently anchored at the foot of the table facing relegation.
    • The problem was that both sets of posts have been firmly anchored in concrete for years and were immovable.
    • The patient is positioned and anchored securely to prevent injury and movement when the surgical hip is reamed and the surgical leg is manipulated throughout the procedure.
    • Even if the braces were adequately supported at mid span and were adequately anchored at the base and at the wall, the braces could still fail, depending on the strength of the wind gust.
    • Gilkey was anchored securely to his position in the gully with two ice axes while the others moved to the other side of a rocky rib to set up a tent.
    • I found this a little hard to believe until, less than half an hour later, we were anchored at the cavern, about to dive.
    • The back of the truck is anchored firmly to the asphalt by a ton of documents, storage media, books, computers, and peripheral devices.
    • Thus, for a quantitative characterization it seems reasonable to assume that vesicles are anchored at certain positions and can only move in a restricted space.
    • Each magazine is firmly anchored at bottom and rear.
    • All will keep playing but likely will be anchored at first base when they reach.
    • Danny Dichio chipped in with two West Brom goals to keep County firmly anchored at the foot of the table.
    • The world today desperately needs a hope that cannot be disappointed - a hope that is anchored at a point beyond this world and its contingencies.
    • While we were still anchored at Cooktown, we experienced a second coincidental echo between the voyages of past and present.
    • And yet, Don Quixote is firmly anchored in Spanish society.
    • An equally clear-headed production would have anchored both more firmly, but Guedo directs with a heavy hand, and his cumbersome sets soften the play's punch.
    • Chief culprit in dental decay is the bacterium Streptococcus mutans, which anchors itself to the tooth and produces lactic acid as a metabolic byproduct.