Translation of ancillary in Spanish:


auxiliar, adj.

Pronunciation /anˈsɪləri//ˈænsəˌlɛri/



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    (service/worker) auxiliar
    • The addition of ancillary revenue streams like high-speed Internet access and telephony make in-market competition more attractive today, proponents say.
    • England, as the bigger, richer player with more money in the kitty, could apparently offer more in the way of expensive, ancillary support.
    • Hari said that a week after the signing of the presidential instruction, the necessary ancillary regulations would be issued.
    • In addition to courses, the centralized department may offer ancillary support services such as counseling and tutoring.
    • These data may indicate ancillary information associated with the document indexed at the original repository.
    • The building provides the Ministry with a large children play/education hall, a smaller quiet area and ancillary office and support areas.
    • Centralized departments seem superior regarding ancillary support services and teacher motivation and experience.
    • Training of more than 200 editorial and ancillary staff on the new system is expected to be completed by the end of the year.
    • Additionally, there is an ancillary data channel used for transmitting spatial information.
    • Planning permission has been granted for an additional seven bedrooms and ancillary rooms, which will accommodate another 10 residents.
    • The staff, support and ancillary workers at the four-strong Dudley Group of hospitals plan to strike until August 18.
    • The SCC took on the project in July with the help of Kathy Ulmer, manager of security ancillary operations at the university.
    • His irritating pseudo-epilepsy stands out as one of several examples where the editing misdirects our attention to issues ancillary to the show.
    • In addition, ancillary studies, including immunochemistry stains, can be performed on cell blocks and furnish very valuable and critical evidence for a definitive diagnosis.
    • They are also influenced by the business environment, the network of other support services and ancillary markets, and the soundness of the regulatory system governing the conduct of business.
    • Listening to Kyan talk about all the ancillary benefits of relaxation and mental discipline piqued my interest.
    • An action and proceedings ancillary to an action shall be commenced in the manner prescribed by the rules.
    • Differentiation is no longer a function of service type and price, but of ancillary support services provided during the network lifecycle.
    • The essential electrical system consists of alternate sources of power, connected distribution systems and ancillary equipment.
    • Project, production and validation engineers are required not only by the main pharmaceutical companies, but by a variety of ancillary support operations.
    • This writer was delighted, therefore, to see a recent report from Croke Park on the money that is being earned from ancillary activities, such as business conferences and meetings.
    • There's also a very familiar ancillary debate about the importance of ‘good news.'
    • The Network also plans to encourage collaborations among clinical and basic researchers to generate information and develop ancillary studies using the resources of the database.
    • Adherence to Web standards is not that hard, and comes with a number of ancillary benefits to authors, like search engine optimization and easy transformation.
    • Meanwhile, the reforms have generated an impressive array of ancillary benefits.
    • GPs needed to be able to make themselves more available to teenagers and that required State support for ancillary services and the employment of nursing staff and counsellors at surgeries, he said.
    • Offices overlook harbour activity while ancillary services are aligned alongside the low cliff to the rear.
    • If the restraint was deemed to be merely ancillary to the main purpose of a lawful contract, then it would be lawful.
    • The design allows for support and ancillary services in a pleasant court-yard-style environment.
    • Other than operator assistance and similar ancillary services, the Bell Systems placed no content on the network.
    • Where a last minute rescue was once good for the cover of Life magazine or a key to the city, the average citizen is more liable to sue superheroes for the damages and injuries ancillary to their work.
    • Second, clause 6 of the bill allowed the gallery building to be used for purposes ancillary to the display of arts and crafts.
    • Public readings were an esteemed but ancillary activity, something an established poet might do spurred by vanity, ambition, or a shortage of funds.
    • Dunning's murder is a reminder of the terrible dangers faced by our soldiers and police involved in peacekeeping operations around the world, and by the ancillary personnel who support them.
    • The subsequent ancillary development to support the burgeoning populace headed for this part of the city added its own flavour to the area.
    • The turnover and employment figures rise exponentially when ancillary activities such as taxis and various contractor-suppliers are factored in.
    • The ancillary activities required will also generate significant employment.
    • There is training, health insurance and ancillary benefits, payroll taxes, and so forth.
    • Measuring about 11,350 square metres, it comprises production/warehouse accommodation of over 8,400 square metres with additional ancillary space.
    • For the Middle Eastern client, the company provided both the filling equipment and the ancillary sanitation support.
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    (road) secundario
    to be ancillary to sth estar subordinado a algo



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    auxiliar masculine