Translation of and in Spanish:


y, conj.

Pronunciation: /ænd//(ə)n//ənd//and//(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      black and white blanco y negro
      • father and son padre e hijo
      • ham and eggs huevos con jamón
      • bread and butter pan con mantequilla
      • to mix business and pleasure mezclar los negocios con el placer
      • so we decided to leave — and? así que decidimos irnos — ¿y?
      • during June and/or July durante junio y/o julio
      • but there are journalists and journalists! ¡pero hay periodistas y periodistas!
      • The shop, which sells donated books and CDs, helps owners on benefits to pay for treatment for sick pets.
      • He and I had been friends for a long time.
      • The menu contains a lot of sausage and mash and steamed puddings.
      • That will be three thousand and eighty dollars with four cents as my tip.
      • She started out quietly and apologetically but her voice quickly gained firmness.
      • I know you can see and hear everything that goes on.
      • He was wearing a navy blue and green anorak.

    • 1.2

      and so on / and so forth etcétera
      • and so on, and so forth etcétera, etcétera

  • 2

    (in numbers)
    one and a half uno y medio
    • two hundred and twenty doscientos veinte
    • an hour and five minutes una hora y cinco minutos
    • five and forty cuarenta y cinco
  • 3

    (showing continuation, repetition)
    faster and faster cada vez más rápido
    • it gets easier and easier se hace cada vez más fácil
    • he just eats and eats no hace más que comer
    • weeks and weeks passed pasaron muchas semanas
  • 4

    try and finish this today trata de terminar esto hoy
    • we must wait and see what she does tenemos que esperar a ver lo que hace
    • come/go and help your father ven/anda a ayudar a tu padre
  • 5

    • 5.1(implying a result)

      a minute longer and he would have drowned un minuto más y se habría ahogado informal
      • Catch all the rust spots before they spread - do that and a car will last forever.
      • Early successes in some areas were dramatic, and by the early 1960s malaria was reduced to very low levels in certain countries.
      • Don't take the movie too seriously, and you might enjoy it too.
      • I lifted my arm and wiped my eyes with my sleeve.
      • But the fun had gone out of it and the next day we did not travel.
      • He regularly dropped in and did a few hours' work.
      • The man then ran towards a waiting car and was driven away by someone else.
      • I opened the door and looked around.
      • When they reached the surface, they took deep breaths and swam for their boat.

    • 5.2(adding emphasis)

      something should be done, and quickly habría que hacer algo, y rápido
      • those who refuse, and there are many … los que se niegan, y son muchos …
      • Meeting the needs of a growing population will require the country to sink further and further into debt.
      • This case just continues to get more and more complex.
      • Spamming is getting worse and worse - and more profitable for spammers.
      • There's no doubt about it, kitchens are getting bigger and bigger.
      • The standard of entry is getting higher and higher every year.


The usual translation of and, y, becomes e when it precedes a word beginning with i, hi, or y.and is sometimes used between two verbs in English to mean in order to:let's wait and see esperemos para ver qué or lo que pasa.