Translation of anesthetic in Spanish:


anestésico, n.

(British anaesthetic)

Pronunciation /ˌanɪsˈθɛtɪk//ˌænəsˈθɛdɪk/


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    anestésico masculine
    to be under anesthetic estar bajo los efectos de la anestesia
    • In group III, biopsies were taken one minute after the injection of the local anesthetic.
    • Supplements that have the potential to cause major complications in perioperative patients are those that prolong bleeding and those that increase sedative effects of anesthetics and analgesics.
    • The anesthesiologist administered the epidural anesthetic, rotated off call, and left the hospital.
    • The epidural anesthetic blocked pain messages and appeared to also prevent remodeling of pain neurons.
    • We're getting very close to medical anaesthetics like halothane, though.
    • Residual effects of anesthetics and sedatives are the most common reason for persistent somnolence.
    • The authors concluded that topical anesthetics in spray formulations are preferred for endoscopy due to safety, ease of application, and similarity of products.
    • For a nerve block, a doctor injects a local anesthetic - a medication that blocks nerve signals - around a nerve.
    • In a previous study we have shown that local anesthesia can be used as the standard anesthetic for outpatient knee arthroscopy.
    • The actual procedure causes little or no discomfort and can usually be done with only mild sedation and a local anesthetic.
    • You will be given anesthetics before the procedure.
    • Athletes should never use topical anesthetics so they can keep playing.
    • These will usually contain corticosteroids to reduce inflammation or an anaesthetic to relieve pain or antibiotics.
    • On top of that, there are even more prods for blood tests, anesthetics when they need stitches, and other medical necessities.
    • Appropriate position can be checked by aspirating through the needle used for instilling the local anesthetic.
    • There was little difference in maternal safety between inhalational anaesthetics used for general anaesthesia.
    • Avoid prescribing topical anesthetics as they retard healing and may lead to corneal epithelial breakdown.
    • Contact dermatitis in the ear canal can result from almost any local irritant, including topical anti-infective agents and anesthetics and other topical preparations.
    • Another procedure relied on a card that had no local anesthetics listed.
    • The patients are usually stable after 24 to 48 hours at which point they are taken off the muscle relaxants and anesthetics.


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