Translation of angel in Spanish:


ángel, n.

Pronunciation /ˈeɪndʒəl//ˈeɪndʒ(ə)l/


  • 1

    ángel masculine
    the angel of death el ángel exterminador
    • She trembled in fear, and watched, as her angel, and her bully began to fight.
    • Where angels are all benevolence and guardianship, the fairy is a good-time girl.
    • My mom tells me that an angel is always watching over me and helping me to get over the bar.
    • Now I am your angel watching over you, guiding you, and taking care of you in my little ways.
    • I cried myself to sleep that night, but I believe God's angels were with me in that room.
    • The three strangers were really three angels sent by God to allow Abraham to perform the kindness he longed to do, in spite of his pain and incapacitation.
    • Vera is so touching that she tears at your heart and clouds your judgment as to whether she is an angel of mercy or an angel of death.
    • Against all other evidence, she was able to believe what the angel told her because she had been in the habit of believing the unbelievable all her life.
    • He sends forth the angels as His messengers, with two, three or four pairs of wings.
    • According to the scriptures angels are messengers of God and visitors from heaven.
    • I watched as my angel flew softly up to heaven to wait to be born again.
    • Perhaps he really does need an angel watching over his career, especially after splitting from his regular co-writer Guy Chambers.
    • We are told this is an exploration of hope and desire, ‘a dream of an extraordinary world where angels watch over you while storm clouds gather’.
    • I see the angels watching over me and Manne from the ceiling above and I look to my left and David is standing beside me and I see my mother and father, arms linked, near the open door of our bedroom.
    • Like the Virgin Mary, who believed what the angel told her about God's plan of salvation, Philip also believed the angel's message.
    • The mother dedicated her time in Knock to walking around the church praying for an angel to watch over her daughter in her absence.
    • Flying is reflected in images of deities and winged angels carrying sacred messages and warnings.
    • It was like I had a dark angel watching over me and caring for my well-being.
    • The figures seem to fly like angels through a celestial space, painted on a great altarpiece.
    • Mary inquired in order that we might learn from the angel concerning that conception which is a sublime matter beyond understanding.
    • The only thing that I could think of was that there had been an angel watching over him.
    • He believes he is an angel waiting for his wings to grow.
    • Sophie knew that if there were angels, they were watching.
    • In the Western traditions they are called angels.
    • Good luck can be attributed to guardian spirits or angels.
    • They were my family's angels and they watched over my kids so they didn't have to be taken into care.
    • You and Diana are up there, with angels watching over you, I know.
    • Righteous angels did appear to humans quite often throughout Bible History, but they never did it in a ‘haunting’ or obscure manner.
    • Ultimately, demons are the manifested expression of our fears, while angels - and spirit guides, etc - are as real as us and are with us to help us grow.
    • Depending on what potentiality he develops, he may become a plant, an animal, a celestial being, an angel, or he may even be unified with God himself.
    • In fact, the angel of death has intruded on their ordinary civilian lives for more than one century now.
    • At his feet is a heavenly host of angels in white robes with harps.
    • Jewish tradition emphasizes that the Torah was given not to angels but to human beings.
    • Flapping his great wings like a real angel of death come for the new-born he inhaled deeply, his eyes becoming two gleaming points in the dark sky.
    • Christ then sent his angel with the message to his servant John.
    • The third comprises the angels, whose law is Celestial.
    • Man is a little lower than the angels and so was Christ as a man.
    • They have the same ethereal qualities so to speak, as angels, and they're also messengers because an angel is also a messenger.
    • Admittedly, this vision is far removed from the Christmas angels' announcement of peace on earth and good will among men.
    • He hated himself for that. But he didn't cry, he never cried… as long as there was an angel watching over him.
    • For instance, in order to draw an angel, a pure soul in heaven, Frank Floreani shows a child's head with wings attached to the neck.
    • For a while there he thought he was in heaven and that was an angel watching him.
    • A parent can try to control a child's behavior by convincing the child that an angel is always watching over him or her.
    • I never had anyone who paid attention, except for the angel that's watching over me from heaven.
    • Traditional Christmas cribs have shepherds, angels, kings and a variety of animals in the bit parts.
  • 2

    (term of endearment)
    thanks, darling, you're an angel gracias cariño, eres un ángel / un cielo
    • be an angel and finish this for me sé bueno y termíname esto
    • before noun as form of address angel face preciosidad
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    productor masculine
    productora feminine