Translation of anger in Spanish:


ira, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈæŋɡər//ˈaŋɡə/


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    ira feminine
    enojo masculine Latin America
    enfado masculine Spain
    words spoken in anger palabras dichas en un momento de ira
    • to lash out in anger at sb arremeter con ira / furia contra algn
    • He prompted anger by appearing to suggest some of the audience had been drinking.
    • Music has the power to seize the soul, to match anger with anger, grief with grief.
    • Any leader needs a strong and loyal party, not one riven with anger at how the leader came by his crown.
    • But it is no small thing to see anger and resentment each and every time you try to open up.
    • I think that she has got a lot of anger inside and her behaviour wasn't very good.
    • For some reason the sergeant major had decided to choose me to vent his anger on.
    • The burden is a clutch of vivid memories which inspire a mixture of anger and pity in equal measure.
    • Official politics is in flux and there is a widespread mood of resentment and anger.
    • Shaking our fists both in anger at the gods and to keep warm, we trudge off in the general direction of the car.
    • I had a rush of anger and frustration at not being able to vent my feelings in an acceptable manner.
    • Nothing inspires an artist more than the righteous anger of an observed injustice.
    • Emma's face is red with anger, her eyes flash in fury and her hair seems to have bushed out with rage.
    • The level of anger at the plans within Scottish Opera was last night made clear by a senior source.
    • His statement had caused outrage and anger in both the Hindu and Sikh communities.
    • I share the rising public anger at a government that sneers at integrity and trust.
    • It's been a very odd week so far, a proper rollercoaster of anger, joy and passion.
    • Moss Street residents reacted with anger to news that their homes were expendable.
    • Both Italy and Spain reacted with anger at their exclusion from the Berlin summit.
    • He is laughing, with a touch of anger in his laughter, but no triumph, no malignity.
    • Before the meeting a number of campaigners staged a protest to show their anger.

transitive verb

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    (hacer) enojar Latin America
    (hacer) enfadar Spain
    she's easily angered se enoja / enfada con facilidad