Translation of animal magnetism in Spanish:

animal magnetism

magnetismo animal, n.


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    magnetismo animal masculine
    • The stranger has animal magnetism, but no other bestial quality.
    • She admits that there's something more at work in human love than a finely tuned, highly evolved animal magnetism.
    • In ‘Reynardine,’ a young woman meets a stranger in the mountains and is ensnared by his animal magnetism.
    • When his subjects were in such states, Mesmer claimed that he could restore the equilibrium of the body's supply of animal magnetism and cure all ills.
    • Her every pore exuded an earthy yet youthful animal magnetism.
    • From the Beatles and Stones to Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison, by and large, the biggest stars were the best musicians and the finest singers; they also tended to be the best looking, the ones most endowed with animal magnetism and charisma.
    • Yes, that's right, mesmerism, it was an early form of hypnosis; it was based on the idea of animal magnetism, and if you conducted certain passes and gestures, literally gestured hypnotically, then the person would go into a trance.
    • First of all, Elvis Presley had a really rare animal magnetism.
    • Will love interest, Rianna (cutie Colleen from Survivor) be swept away by his animal magnetism?
    • Ruffalo, one of the rising stars of American cinema, gives a smouldering performance that combines animal magnetism with a sly awareness of his social and intellectual inferiority to Ryan's Avery.
    • This was and could still be (one imagines) an actor with a rare gift: he portrays menace with a great undercurrent of charm and animal magnetism.
    • Franz Anton Mesmer presented 27 propositions about animal magnetism in his Memoire sur Ia Decouverte du Magnetisme Animal, published in 1779.
    • I, and I think the vast majority of the audience, enjoyed the virtuoso performance of Gambon, with its accompanying belly laughs, and the female members at least, the display of male animal magnetism.
    • Now everybody wants leaders with animal magnetism and cinematic glamour.
    • An entire episode is devoted to Chris's animal magnetism with women, and how it has both positives and negatives.
    • While basically conceptualizing animal magnetism as a dynamic physical fluid, Mesmer was also aware of the impact of rapport and affect in the enhancement of magnetic treatment.
    • There are many theories to attempt to explain how Psychokinesis actually works, from basic ectoplasmic to animal magnetism.
    • Lee overwhelms his female victims with sheer animal magnetism, rather than a combination of stilted attempts at charm and mesmerism.
    • He wasn't sexy and didn't swagger with untamed animal magnetism.