Translation of animate in Spanish:


animar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈænəˌmeɪt//ˈanɪmeɪt/

transitive verb

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    • The budget cuts, a lack of jobs, even a potential war are not animating today's youth.
    • It is this contrast between rich and poor - a contrast so visually obvious as to make the landscape of Caracas feel almost didactic - that animates Venezuelan politics.
    • We knew we had to bring the lifeline of communications to everyone, and this animated our entire response.
    • Metaphors animate and renew meanings; metaphysics supplies tools to think with.
    • Brown may never return to the ideas that animated his initial intuition about Oakland as an ‘ecopolis of the future.’
    • Talk of renewing the armed struggle was a common theme that animated the narratives.
    • It is the breath of life and the inward light that animates the human body and inspires the human soul.
    • Perhaps it is hardships and the thrill of risk that animate life most fully, and perhaps it is freedom that binds.
    • Sexual energy, whether male or female, is the electrical charge that animates life.
    • Moving images and sound fill a room animating thought processes and daydreams.
    • Reflections of life often animate and inspire the enduring music we call 'classical’.
    • As for personal picks, local choreographer Marie Chouinard, always a festival fave, animates her company both physically and vocally in her latest creation Chorale, which premiered in Italy earlier this year.
    • Egalitarianism is the underlying value system that animates all of these groups - though they differ greatly among themselves in the policies and strategies they embrace to realize their values.
    • The one-nation ideal, which animated our national struggle, is still there.
    • In Paris and later, a strong sense of color continued to animate his work.
    • This book will animate, engage and stimulate babies and have nursery classes jumping about with noisy enthusiasm.
    • His inspired perspective has animated prophets and artists and dreamers down through the centuries.
    • The subject of sport animated him, switched on the plug.
    • ‘Reform of the state should be the core animating idea of the progressive governance agenda this year,’ he writes.
    • The show's animating principle, that O'Briain wants to look back from his deathbed on a life well lived, is equally admirable.
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    (drawings/cartoons) animar
    • He lent his voice talent to many animated characters, but this one is closest to his own spirit.
    • The agreement begins in 2006 when Pixar will release its first animated feature film while not under the Disney umbrella.
    • The best animated character in the history of the genre is Daffy Duck.
    • She is the lighting technical director of the film ‘Shrek’, which was hailed world over as the best animated feature film.
    • After years of easily passing $100 million at the box office, recent Disney animated films have struggled to hit that mark.
    • Last year, Walt Disney Studios released what has been rumored to be one of its final traditionally animated feature-length films.
    • In some ways Pocahontas is a natural extension of previous Disney animated films like The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.
    • It should also be pointed out that the fact that DreamWorks' next four animated films will all be made digitally has nothing to do with the box office failure of Sinbad.
    • All animated films may not be for children, but most are.
    • Most people know Disney's Snow White as the first animated feature film.
    • In the last ten years, the vast majority of Disney animated films have been soundtrack compilations with a story tacked on.
    • A team of digital artists can spend months animating a character or creating a landscape.
    • As long as future computer animated films maintain the same level of quality as that of the pioneers in the field, their ascendance can only be seen as a positive thing.
    • Not that long ago, it was a painstaking task to mix animated characters with real ones.
    • The film too often falls into the Sky Captain Syndrome: animated characters fighting other animated characters simply is not interesting.
    • Over the past year, however, digitally animated films have begun to show an assembly line quality, and Valiant represents a new low.
    • Oskar Fischinger back in the Thirties was animating abstract visuals to music and projecting those.
    • Davis became one of many who would hide his comic book pages when a supervisor came by, and hurriedly return to animating Popeye cartoons.
    • I liked Tarzan, but there hasn't been a truly great Disney animated film that didn't come from Pixar since The Lion King.
    • Those who associate him only with animating dinosaurs and skeleton creatures would have been fascinated to see what made up the bulk of the program last night.


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