Translation of ankle-biter in Spanish:


niño latoso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæŋkəlˌbaɪdər///



  • 1

    niño latoso masculine
    niña latosa feminine
    • Even though three in four of these women are grandmothers, many of them must still be alert to ankle-biters around the house: 11 percent of this group live with children (either their own or someone else's).
    • Anyone without a pack of little ankle-biters can switch off now - this one's for the parents and soon-to-be parents among you.
    • I figured you'd look like an ankle-biter like the rest of your form.
    • When I was a little ankle-biter this would have warranted a ‘big deal!’
    • You can keep the ankle-biters satisfied with a kids' menu made up of perennial favourites such as chicken nuggets, fish fingers and sausages.
    • Meanwhile, the ankle-biter set are piling into school buses, gearing up for another year's worth of crammed classrooms and recess bullying.